Thursday, December 30, 2010

Last Year's Resolutions...Revisited

Before We sat down and worked out some goals for this coming year, I figured I would revisit the ones from this year and evaluate them for myself!

1. Read the Bible through in a year.  Didn't quite get there - but I got a lot closer this year than last, and I will be trying again.
2. De-Clutter our home. Did it, although it is an ongoing project - we have a small house after all!
3. Get the plumbing done in the house. Yes, we were able to get that done as well as all the electric in the house!
1. Potty Training. She was amazing, and it only took three days (day and night dry since may 2010)
2. Contentment -- learning how to play by herself consistently. She is very good at playing by herself now.  She doesn't always choose to, but when told to play by herself she is able!

1. Get back to being healthy. I am very content with where I am right now.  I worked very hard this year trying to get back to being healthy in all aspects of my life.  Though I am no model (and never will be!) I am getting healthier and healthier!!  I also weigh less than I did last year at this time!
2. Spend more time with girlfriends.  I did spend more time with friends(mostly Kjerste!) this year and have enjoyed doing so.  I hope to do more of this in the coming year!

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