Thursday, December 2, 2010

25 Days of Christmas ~ Day 1

We spent our 1st Day of Christmas decorating, drinking egg nog with cinnamon on top (well, soy nog for K and I), and listening to Christmas music on Pandora because I can't find my Christmas c.d.s!  We enjoyed our time, although KayLynn wasn't feeling 100% so she spent much of the time on Daddy's lap getting her belly rubbed.  But she was able to partake a little and was consistently exclaiming, "Thats so pretty, Mom.  Good job"

I love doing this with KayLynn.  I love the enthusiasm she has for everything pretty and bright.  This year we added colored lights to the tree - and I must say that I love it!  KayLynn loves all the colors and Max loves that his idea was used.  We also got to put up our new ornament -- you will see it when I add pictures!  KayLynn loved having daddy hold her up and let her put an ornament up 'really high'!  I love my little family.

We don't have a tree topper - still.  We have been married for three years and have never gotten one.  Partly because I want to be in love with it.  However, I think that we are going to get one of the beautiful angels that Ross has this year!

 2008 Christmas Ornament
 2009  Christmas Ornament...right next to it is the nutcracker that I got in 2007
 2010 Guitar Christmas Ornament
Playing the Guitar... It sings Jingle Bell Rock
 Daddy putting on the final ornament
Merry Christmas!!

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