Wednesday, April 30, 2008

10 (+/-) weeks and counting...

What to do with myself?!?! Max and I are getting more used to me not sleeping, it basically just means that I nap when I can - when I am not at work or at school. However, this also means that my husband has almost no wife at all. You know the helpless feeling of watching someone be sick? The feeling that you just wish you could make it better? Well, in my few short moments of married life, I have learned that this feeling is a million times worse when you are a man. Because, of course, they have to fix it! Well, I hate watching Max, watch me, be uncomfortable. He probably asks me thirty times an evening, if I am OK. But I try to patiently assure my husband that I am going to make it and there is nothing he can do to make it better. I almost (ALMOST) feel worse for him. Of course, I get lots of back and foot massages, because he feels that is something he CAN do to ease the discomfort!

I do praise the Lord daily that even though pregnancy is not thrilling every second, we have not had a single concern as far as KayLynn's health. And I would gladly go through any of the discomfort or sickness for the full nine months to always have that true.

Max and I have started talking about the things that we "can't wait for." One of the things that I am looking forward to is seeing this tiny little one in my husbands large arms. He is looking forward to actually getting to see the little arms and legs kicking around that he's been feeling in my belly. Well, only a few weeks left to wait.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Readers Digest Quote

This was too funny to pass up!

When I was a mother's helper, the mom of the family I worked for sat with her three oldest children and watched a PBS special showing the birth of a baby. The mom thought it would be a good starting point for answering questions about the facts of life. As her five-year-old studied the baby coming out of the birth canal, he asked, "Mom, does that hurt?" "Oh, yes, it does," she said, remembering her difficult deliveries. "Gee," he continued in awe, "does it hurt the mother too?"

Monday, April 28, 2008

Valentines Day and 4th of July

are the names of the new members of our family! Because Saturday was so beautiful, I spent the day in the yard. Actually it was the perfect kind of outside weather - not too hot and not too cold! We have two huge ugle stumps in our front yard and I have not wanted to deal with getting them out of the ground, so much work and then all the dirt we would have to buy to fill the wholes. Well, I decided that I wanted to get climbing roses and plant them around the stumps so that in a few years we would have beautiful roses to stare at, not sutmps. So, Shari and I went to the Portland Ave Nursery, and found two roses. The first is names Valentines Day because that is the day that Max propsed, it is deep beautiful red. The second is named Fourth of July because that was the closest to our wedding date and KayLynn's birthday (whenever that is!) and it is supposed to be white and red. Its like having a little bit of our history in our front lawn. They are supposed to bloom sometime in June, but they wont start covering the stumps for two or three years, so they will grow with our little KayLynn. Here are some pictures of what the roses are supposed to end up looking like!

Fourth of July

Valentines Day

Monday, April 21, 2008

Spring Cleaning

I am not sure if spring cleaning also refers to outside work, but in our house it does now! Max and I decided that if people are going to come see KayLynn when she gets home from the hospital, we should have a presentable home for them to see. And, as it will be summer - a pretty yard to show off. We dont have the most amazing yard. I LOVE it and I like to call it my secret garden. I can see the potential, but it is taking lots of work.

Max and I spent lots of time outside last Thursday as we both had the day off. I had all these great ideas of doing so much more outside in my following days off, however, it snowed, and hailed, and rained, and snowed again!!! So, I worked in the house. I guess thats good, though, it needed to be done!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

KayLynn's New Room

Well, we have been painting and painting and painting! We have finally covered the brown, and made it this lovely, cheerful yellow. I have gotten some things in the room, but not all of it. Here are some pictures of the walls and some of the furniture!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


I'm it!

1. Ten years ago
I was in my junior year of high school, living with Aunt Tam, Uncle James and Michael. That's pretty much all I remember from that long ago.
2. Things on my to do list today
Go to work. Finish Homework. Make the bed. Clean my car - vacuum,. Go to class. Take test. Make dinner. Find my keys which I lost.
3. Things I would do if I was suddenly a billionaire
Pay off our house. Buy a new wardrobe. Save
4. Bad Habits
Complaining. Biting my lips and fingernails
5. Places I've lived:
Washington, Idaho?, Alaska, Texas, Japan
6. Jobs I have now or have had
Centro Latino, The Tacoma News Tribune, Immigration: Department of Homeland Security, Church planter in Japan
7. Things people don't know about me
I am pretty much an open book, but lets see... I love poppy seed muffins, pink is one of my favorite colors, and the noise of a vacuum cleaner hurts my ears!
8. Things that make my life super fabulous right now
My husband who is so wonderful, my new baby who is expanding my belly, my helpful family (especially Aunt Tam).
Everyone I know has already been tagged - I think? So, if you haven't, take the initiative!!

Monday, April 7, 2008

As asked...

This would be my beautiful new rocking chair. I ended up finding it on craigs list. I had looked at Denny's furniture, Sears, Macys Furniture, Babys R us, and several places online. I found that the modern chairs were too big for me, and this one is just right.

This adorable little outfit was given to Kaylynn by Ali. It is so adorable, and it will fit her next summer. I can't wait to see her in those cute little sandels.

And last, here is the before picture of Kaylynn's room. We have started painting it - although due to illness it will tak elonger to finish! The room already looks bigger in the bright yellow that we chose! Soon it will be finished and I will put those pictures on here!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

It's never too late to celebrate!

This year was the first year that I was able to be in Idaho with my mom, in a long time. It was a fun, and I have to admit it was great for my sister and I to get to spend a holiday with my mom. We also havent spent that much time with eachother all in one shot in years!! My sister Mandy made the deviled (should we have those on Easter?) eggs, because she is the best at it. Mom made potato salad, which is my favorite salad in the whole entire world - and it makes Easter fun, because it is the first time each year that I get it! She also put olives in it, I don't remember having had that before, but it is sooooo good. Mom and grandma Kay also made hams. There were other foods, but I didnt really get to them. I was too full to try anything else! But is was funny though how it is a different dynamic from Washington Easters.

Usually we are at Aunt Tam's house, and we have an Easter egg hunt - because we have Aunt Tracy's kids! Sometimes we have other kids, but usually its just them. So, I was looking at pictures and decided to put up a couple of last year.

Two years ago we also had Maria with us, which amde the day just that much more fun for all of us. So here are some pictures, mostly for those of you who are in them and have never gotten to see them!!

New Schedule

Well, I have started school. I only have two classes this quarter, because Max wanted to make sure that I do not get overwhelmed as I get closer to my due date. My first class in the morning is the second class to my Legal Research and Writing last quarter. My second class is a required computer class. Please pray for my attitude. This class is two nights a week, 5:30p-7:40. Last night I spent the most boring two hours of my entire life! I can honestly say that is the first time I have learned absolutely nothing during a class. But I am trying to have a positive outlook.
On the bright side, my schedule is pretty light now until Kaylynn is born. I have worked my schedule so that I only work three days a week – giving me Mondays and Thursdays off. This will be so nice as I get closer, giving me more time off to get ready, and of course, to rest!