Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Not quite in the picture taking mood

I was trying to get a picture of KayLynn smiling. However, when she saw the camera she kept opening her eyes as wide as possible. Made it impossible to get a smiling picture - but it was cute none-the-less.

Last Thursday Laura, Alena and Tyrus came down here to spend time with KayLynn and I. The kids had fun playing with cherios and going to the park!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Life is like a teeter-totter...

Government is made up of checks and balances, and so is life. Even women who stay home, have to constantly balance their lives amongst all of the things they are involved in. Others of us have to balance husband/daughter/home/work/school...

Let me just say how hard it is to be at work by 7am three mornings a week. Of course, I admit, it would be harder to do that five days a week and many women have to! Wednesdays are actually my favorite because max is home and he stays with KayLynn, so there is less for me to do before I leave. But the other mornings, I have to get both KayLynn and me ready for the day and be out of the house by 6:15/6:20ish – AM!! However, if it were not for my sister who so graciously watches KayLynn on Friday mornings, before she goes to Tam’s house. I would have to be up much earlier in order to get KayLynn to Tam’s house and get to work on time.

Inevitably, when I have to get up by 5:20am in order to get everything done, KayLynn wakes up to be fed at 4:30am. Or, like this morning, she wakes up at 2am and she is awake, and she stays awake until minutes before I have to put her in the car. And by awake I mean laughing and playing and cooing. That sounds great, but when neither her father or I know that she is wanting to stay awake and play we try to get her to go to sleep, and when we turn the light off she gets mad because she wants to see her hanging toys. Finally we get smart and realize that she just wants the light on to play and we get fifteen minutes of sleep before I have to get up. When she is asleep she just lets it fall out and goes to sleep. But when she wakes up to play she wants it in her mouth. Isn’t it funny that something so small can have such a personality? KayLynn is more a morning person than Max or I. She loves to play around when she wakes up. We are trying to teach her that that is ok, she just can’t cry to get her pacifier!


I used to always brag about what an amazing man I am married to, but since KayLynn came I have stopped. This is sad because I am even more convinced of how blessed I am to have him. He is so helpful and encouraging. In the middle of the night when I am sure she is not sleeping because I am a horrible mother, it is Max who tells me how great I am. It is Max who says, “You are just too tired, let me.” It is Max who massages my feet before I have to get back on them. It is Max who spoils me by getting me healthy treats for me to eat so that I can be spoiled and still loose the weight! So, let me once again tell everyone that I am more in love with my husband now, than I was when we were married.

Friday, September 19, 2008


BATTING AT TOYS... On Wednesday in the car I noticed that KayLynn was playing with the toy hanging down in her car seat. This is the first time that she has realised that she could move it! I was pretty excited to see the realization dawning on her face in the mirror. I have since started giving her more opportunities to play with it!!!

TEARS... KayLynn had her first tears Thursday evening. We went to the docs and got her immunizations, but they made her pretty upset. The doc said she might get a little fever - and boy did she. She cried most of the night, although the Tylenol did help her feel a little better. She stayed pretty calm as long as we held her tight and rocked her.

TV WATCHING... I have noticed that if there is a movie playing in our bedroom, she will now watch it. Right now she is watching We were soldiers as I type (which is funny because she is laughing and smiling as the pictures change!). We try now to keep it off, so that she doesn't get accustomed to being entertained in that way, but it is pretty funny to watch her strain her neck to see the TV.

STRAINING TO SEE ME... Every morning Max holds KayLynn for half an hour or so in bed dozing so that I can take a bath and get ready before he goes to work. They both love this daddy/daughter time. This morning when I came in and started to talk to them. As soon as I started talking, she jerked her head right to me and started to stare. The she turned her attention back to Max when he began talking. She continued for a while just following the conversation back and forth. She loves to find me when I am talking - which I love!

And of course, she had her two-month check up yesterday. She did so well until the shots. She was smiling and cooing at the doctor - she did fuss when he picked her up out of her blanket, but who could blame her? When they stuck her with the needles for the immunizations she screamed once but then she just whimpered for about a minute. After that she was done and happy again! We found out that she is 11 pounds 6.5 ounces!! Her head is 15.25 around, and her body is 21.75 inches long. Apparently she is average in everything but height. There she is below average, maybe she will take after her momma!

Seeing that she tends to get a moisture rash, the doctor told me to lay her out naked a little bit every week, so today we did. I got a puppy training pad and put it under her on her blanket on our bed today. She loved it!! She and I played with her rattle until she fell asleep - I know, I know... We aren't supposed to let her sleep on her belly, but she is still here so I guess it is OK!

On another note, Aunty Nancy came over today and we took some cute pictures of KayLynn. I am trying to take a picture each month of KayLynn with the same pooh bear, to track her growth. I also got one of her and Nancy.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

KayLynn's Baptism

Our daughter is now baptised. Our little peanut was baptised today. We are both so excited that our little girl is now officially part of our church. KayLynn was so good. She fussed one time - when we handed her to Pastor Rayburn, but other than that she was great. The dress that I made her looked nice, and it just barely fit her. I think if we had had the baptism next week the dress would have been too small.

After the service we went to the Neighborhood Coffee House and had lunch with all the family that was able to come. Shari (Mimi) made the pasta and bread, which was amazing! Kandy (my step mom) and Aunt Cynthia made desserts, so it was quite the spread. It was such a blessing to be able to spend the afternoon with everyone. Max was able to take the entire day off work, so it was so much fun to enjoy an entire Sunday as a family.

After church and lunch with the family, we went to Wrights park and took pictures of KayLynn with Max and I, along with other members of the family. Natasha (one of the photographers from my wedding!) came and took pictures. We have been so blessed with Natasha. She quickly became a friend of the family at my wedding when she took pictures. After that we got together a few times to do the "Fearless Brides" book, which was so much fun. Natasha also came to my baby shower and for a gift promised a photo session and a book of KayLynn, Max and I. I can't wait to see the pictures she took today. She is also coming back in a few months and we are going to take some more pics of KayLynn - probably naked ones!!

At the end of the afternoon KayLynn, although still sweet and cheerful, was pretty tired. We took her out of her formal dress and gave her a toy to play with. The giraffe is a French toy that Shari got for her.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

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Fun with Daddy

Max and KayLynn really enjoy their bonding time...

Day with Mimi

Well, KayLynn spent the day with Mimi (Shari) today. From the looks of the pictures, they had tons of fun.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Last night KayLynn had a six hour stretch of non-eating time and a four hour stretch, and I slept for most of it!! What a welcome break. Just thought I would share.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Playing in the Grass

Here KayLynn is playing in the grass at Granny Tam's house!!