Thursday, March 28, 2013

It's a good life

I was surprised at how the challenges of two kids surprised me. I was nervous, but I didn't really think my life would be that affected. Boy was I wrong. not only have I been more exhausted, more confused, busier, sleepier, struggling more...I have also had more smiles, more little toes to tickle, and little lips and heads to kiss, more later to hear and tears to wipe. Have I struggled? Yes. Has it been worth it? Most definitely. Would I have answered the same way a few months ago? I hope so, but I was in the middle, now I am coming out of the fog and seeing the bigger picture.

A few days ago I was sitting on the couch.  When I looked over at my son, who was eating(of, course, right!?) he was grinning at me. It was at that moment when realized that the hard stuff is worth it. I am so in love with my son that I feel my heart could burst. Both of my children make me so happy and so proud. Am I sleeping more? Nope, not really, but I hope to! Am I as overwhelmed and angry about that fact? Not at all!

My son, my third love, is learning so much everyday. He is always interested in everything that everyone is doing. His favorite thing to do right now is eat...all.the.time. I am amazed that he is able to keep it all down in his little belly! He is eating almost anything we put in front of him and wants to do it all by himself, fork and all! I can't believe how fast he is growing. He is just shy of 17 pounds now and doing very well. He almost sits up on his own and is working very hard on crawling. I can see him working so hard and I can't wait till he is able to do all he wants!  As far as sleep, I have a plan. I really think that he is ready to sleep but is taking advantage of being in the same room as his sister. So, next week I am going to work on getting him on a schedule and force hits really eat when it's time to eat...rot now he seems to think that I am a 24hour buffet. Starting next Tuesday night I am going to feed the boy at 7pm, put him to bed, feed him at midnight, the wake him at 7am to eat again. I will not go in his room to comfort him, put hi specifier back in or feed him unessecarily any more. I anticipate this being a rough week or so, but I have faith that he can do it, so he will learn.  Max is not excited to endure next week, but neither am I. I hope that we will succeed!