Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Health Page update

So, yeah. getting used to being home (aka right next to my fridge) ALL day long was no easy task... I gained about 10 pounds back ( got to 175) due to my lack of control in the eating department, and trying to fit working out in my schedule. granted I was doing a lot more strength training which made me hungrier and I have no car. However, the excuses are gone. I am back down to 166 pounds and the happier for it. I haven't measured because I think I left the tape at work, so I must get a new one. I am very happy with where I am but have a clear vision for where I am headed. I think I will do ok since it only took me 4.5 weeks to lose the ten pounds! that's all for now. I do have a post in the works about how KayLynn is doing (great with a minor setback) and then I will be trying to post something at least once a week!

Once again I send out the invite...come on over! :)

Its been busy... Lets catch up

So my mom came to visit and other stuff...

Ready to get married in her tissue paper dress

Coming Soon: the pix of auntie kristin in her tissue wedding dress!

Did I post this picture of her first mani/pedi?

I did? Well its still cute!

Taking ZsaZsa for a drag

A fun day date with max

Lavender festival

Kaylynn said the peppermint lavender ice cream smelled like gum.

Soap lake swimming! Kaylynn did so well swimming by herself in the lake. Its amazing what the proper swim vest will do !

KayLynn eating her well deserved summer reading pretzel!!

Fun day at the park