Saturday, May 19, 2012

Watch out...there's words!

thatsright, I am sitting down to actually write on this here blog. **California was GREAT. we had such an amazing time of fun, family and relaxation. this trip was needed in so many ways. KayLynn, Tam, James and I headed down to Cali in the car on Saturday May 5th at 9AM. we took three das to drive down (7hr day, 5hr day, 7hr day) breaking it up by getting to stay in some nice Marriotts! kayLynn turned into a water bug and I am surprised that she didn't come home a raisin. With her water wings she was in complete controls nd loving it. She swam almost every night and every morning on the way dowand the way back. When we finally got the Marriott Villa Resorts in Newport Beach it was wonderful. max and Michael flew in, we picked them up and spent everyday enjoying fun in the sun. We swam in almost every pool they have there and KayLynn loved that we brought her toys with us (Max and Michael). I think it was especially a nice break for Max because he has never had a vacation as long as we have been together (except our two day honeymoon) and I think Michael really needed the diversion of being with the family..KayLynn was, of course, able to make everyone's days cheerful and pleasant. we saved Disney Land for our last Saturday there. we had so much fun. KayLynn was the best behaved kid in the entire park I think and her entourage was happy to make all of her dams come true. She was simply in awe at the Bibbidy bobbity boutique, and was such a sweet girl that I was amazed. A little side note parents, it's times like this that you are so glad that you did the work in teaching them. I thought that this trip would be hard for me because her character would be put to the test, but I was happily surprised that she really did behave the way we are teaching her. she was actually a joy on this trip AND in Disney keep up the hard work my friends you will be happy you did. Anyway, off my soapbox now...we headed home the day after Disney Land and once again took three days swimming and relaxing...although I did get sick and am just now feeling human again! ***LOGAN is doing well, and I a trying to keep up with him! we are now in the third trimester, and healthy. I am trying really hard to keep my weight under control and am doing fairly well. I had one bad month, but this last month was great and now I am working really hard by writing down all of my food and exercise to keep on track. 3 months left, but it feels like a second. Finished his blanket which turned out nice and I am so excited to wrap him in it. Also Aunt Diana offered me Uncle James' christening outfit for Logan so I am so happy that though he won't get his own, he will get his grandfathers! We have a few things that we need to get to be ready, but I am sure that they will happen in good time! Aunt Tam had me do a target baby registry, which actually is great, because after he is born everything on the list becomes 10% off!! I will quit now and come back next week to update you on my big girl!

Monday, May 14, 2012

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Wednesday, May 9, 2012