Friday, November 23, 2012

5 months

My how the time flies...I keep thinking that I will set a regular day for blogging so that I keep up, but everyday brings something new. my little man is now five months old and doing beautifully! he is rolling over and putting things in his mouth. his favorite toys are the play mat that our friends the Vangilders loaned us and the Johnny jump up that Aunt Cece gave us. He coos and talks almost non stop and really is just a happy boy unless he is hungry or tired! when he talks it sounds like 'wiggle wiggle' which makes me laugh every time. He is still waking several times a night, twice to eat and many times to get his pacifier back in his mouth. It feels like we are in a perpetual state of tiredness these days as we wait for the newborn-ness to leave our little man. He is such an odd mixture of his actual age and adjusted age. he holds himself like a 5 month old and so most people who know babies guess his age correctly, although he is exactly 50% for his height and weight of a 3 month old. he is trying to sit on his own and so close!