Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Recipe for Mama's Tea

I couldn't resist - this is great!
Mama's Tea

Ingredients:  water
                   1 tea bag

1.)  While balancing baby in one arm, pick up tea kettle with free hand.  Using kettle-laden arm, nudge faucet to begin running water.  Swing kettle under running water at just enough angle to keep handle from getting wet. 

2.)  Turn on stove, set kettle on to boil.  (You'll know the stove is good and hot when the water that you accidentally dripped down the kettle during swinging/filling action begin to sizzle.)  Sit down to nurse hungry baby.

3.)  Interrupt quieted/eating baby with kettle whistle.  Walk over to stove while still holding and nursing baby to turn off burner.  Settle back into nursing, while warding off acrobatic toddler attempting to terrorize formerly calm baby.

4.)  Finish feeding baby and realize tea water is no longer hot.  Turn stove back on and replace kettle.

5.)  Set baby down and begin preparing toddler's breakfast.

6.)  While toddler is eating set out tea bag and mug that is clean or most suits the day's mood.
6.)  When kettle begins to whistle again, let it go a little longer while you use washcloth to clean yogurt out of toddler's hair.  Continue to let kettle whistle louder until it begins to drown out toddler Tarzan's yells.

7.)  Get Tarzan out of highchair, throw washcloth in sink, use wet hands to pick up kettle (hear sizzling as water drips from hands to stove, indicating that your stove is in good, working order).

8.)  Pour boiling water into mug with tea bag.  Inevitably sucking tea bag tag down into pool of tea water.

9.)  Let tea steep on counter while you change baby's diaper.

10.) Continue to let tea steep on counter while you change toddler's diaper.

11.)  Remove tea bag from mug, using spoon since tag is completely water-logged.  The change in volume should leave a dark ring around inside of mug, indicating tea was left to steep longer than is necssary.  Throw tea bag in trash can. 

12.)  Add milk to tea to offset extreme, overly steeped darkness.

13.)  Pick up fussing baby, add sugar.

13.)  Put fussing baby down for a nap, return to tea.

14.)  Realize tea is now cold, zap in microwave for a few seconds.

15.)  Note smell arising from toy room, take toddler for a second diaper change.

16.)  While upstairs, decide to put away laundry and clean up books.

17.)  Remember tea, now cold again.  Zap in microwave a few more seconds.

18.)  Remove from microwave, add sugar.  Realize mid-pour you've already done that earlier and immediately stop, spilling sugar on counter.

19.)  Mop up sugar.  Stir tea with spoon.

20.)  Pick up tea bag toddler retrieved from trash can and swung around the room.  Replace in trash.

21.)  Let tea sit and cool "just a bit" while reading books to toddler.

22.)  Recall tea, take a few lukewarm sips while toddler hangs off legs asking for a movie.

23.)  Put movie in for toddler.

24.)  Receive phone call from student, provide 15 minutes of counseling.

25.)  Recall tea, take a few cool sips, check email.

26.)  Hear baby wake from nap.  Nurse baby with one hand and attempt to take a few more sips of tea with other.  Dribble tea on baby when the spoon you forgot to remove slides around the rim and bumps you on then nose.  Momentarily panic that you have burned your child.  Then realize the baby didn't even notice because by now tea is thoroughly cooled.

27.)  Change diaper, take sip of tea.  Play with puzzles, take sip of tea.  Chase toddler outside, leave tea on counter.

28.)  Make lunch, feed Tarzan.  Recall tea, add ice and serve with lunch.

Pumpkin Patch - The aftermath

 She also added sparles, a fuzzy green ball and a button!

 After we were done with the pumkin, we started in some christmas presents...grandmas look out!
 We had so much fun!
AND just because she is so dang cute...
 She prefers to choose her own clothes now - this is one of my favorites.
Notice the pink coat, red boots, purple with polka dots hat, 'my size' pumpkin and the 'sheese' smile!!  I love this kid - she makes me smile.

Friday, October 22, 2010

I love the fall

I love the fall in Washington.  It is so beautiful.  One of the first places that we go when the weather gets like this is Wrights Park.
The pond is so beautiful and the colors are so vibrant
 "Watch me, I climbing a tree mom"
 chasing squirrels is one of KayLynn's favortie things to do.
 And, of course, playing with daddy!!

Some Random Fun

KayLynn's new shopping basket (I love Ross).  We don't really have tons of space for it - but she loes it, and for $3 who could resist?
 KayLynn cooking with Mom (no longer Mommy :(  )
 Just chillin'  (Yep, she is in the dog bed with her feet up and the keyboard in her lap)
 Playing with clay - more pics to come!
 Her new favorite activity is to fill the drawers and then remember which drawer holds what.
 Yep, lots of fun in the LeFebvre household - I just forget to share...

Thursday, October 21, 2010

What I did at work today...

If you have to shred - you may as well make it fun!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Sisters Shower

Well, we had my sister's shower (forever ago) and here are just a few pics
 Andrea helped me decorate the cake
 My grandmother made these center pieces (notice the real pickls and if you look closely those pink puff balls are on ice cream cones) and I decorated with ice cream and jars of pickles, it turned out very well.
 The cake
My sister got lots of loot and is set now to welcome baby Jack into the family in just a few short months..

What do you think?

Parenting is a Love/Hate job I think. So, be honest. Do you ever wish that your child wasn't so well adjusted? I'm serious so stop laughing at me! Not all the time, only every once in a while. And only for a split second. Like when I drop her off at Granny or Mimi's houses and she is happy to be there, and just wishes I would leave so she can get on with her day.  Or when Rosie shows up and KayLynn so cheerfully suggests that I go to work now!  In those split seconds I selfishly wish that she needed me more. But then, she stubs her toe, or has a belly ache and she needs me again. I love being the Mommy. I love being there to fix it for her.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

First Sleepover

Aria and Jerid allowed us to steal their girls the other evening and we had a really good time.  First the girls ate their amazingly healthy dinner of chicken nuggets, goldfish and fruit smoothies (no sugar at least).
lilia read books to the girls
After Dinner they took a bath - I don't think I have ever laughed sooo hard.
After the bath there was much screaming - Max and I were so amazed that we videod them running and screaming...a portent of things to come.  I just can't wait until they are all 13 and running and screaming in my house.
They soon settled and we brushed hair and watched moveies
They were a lot of fun and we look forward to getting them over again soon.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

This year (and forever after) we went to the Schilter Family Farm in Lacey (recommended to us by Terri Bentson who went there with her grandkids).  We had sooo much fun.  There is a petting zoo, hay bale maze, and of course, pumpkins!!
 We were so thankful that the weather cleared long enough for us to go.
 Even the flowers came out!

 KayLynn loved feeding and petting the animals, she was (of course) not intimidated in the slightest by any of the animals - this kid is amazing.
 We got to feed the kids too...we got this carameled apple because when we weren't looking (bad mommy!) KayLynn touched it...

The Maze was her favorite part - and if I can get the video uploaded I will share with you.

We look forward to getting to go again each year!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What do you think?

So many forms of relaxation...and we need them all

I am a firm believer in the saying 'If Momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy'.  I have observed both in my own life and in other's that when I am not healthy (emotionally/physically/spiritually) then I cannot take care of the emotional, physical and spiritual health of my family.

I believe that the following are the kinds of relaxation/rejuvenation/fun that  we should all strive for to be truly healthy, so that we can take care of our families...  This is based on what I think, what I have observed, and what I know about myself.  Let me know what you think.

1.  Good old fashioned play time with the kids with no demands and when you're not in a hurry.  I usually go to a park or on a walk with K.  But mostly just make sure that there is lots of laughter.

2.  Time out with the husband - on a date.  Not just out to dinner, but truly talking and exploring one another like we used to when we had time!!  :)

3.  Time with girlfriends to reflect, share stories, get advice and moral support and just gab.  (likewise my husband needs time with other men - to be a man!)

4.  Time completely OFF DUTY from home, husband and children...  I believe this is what we are lacking. 

As my friend said - I feel bad paying someone to watch my children while I go out for no reason...  But there is a reason, a GREAT REASON.  If you are able to refresh your batteries - how much better of a mother are you going to be??  I know that in my case, that even when I just get two hours off to sit at Borders and read a book (just one or two times a month), I am refreshed.  I am ready to run home to my daughter and play with her.  Whereas when I left I was running to the door.

I think that sometimes as mothers we sell ourselves short.  I think that we all need true 'time off' ever so often.  Feel free to argue with me, but I firmly believe that if you (the mom) are not healthy then you are not able to take care of your kids and family as you should.  Now, for the dads and skeptics out there, let me clarify.  I am not saying that we should get a free pass to get our nails done every Friday or that we deserve massages every couple days/weeks.  What I am saying is that everyone needs a few hours  outside of the home alone (not with duties, friends, husband or kids).  So, What do you think??

Saturday, October 9, 2010

I guess its about time to update you on the kid...

KayLynn is doing very well.  She is, of course, talking more and more evyday.  Her favorite word is probably (although it has no 'b's in it when she says it.  She loves to embarrass me at the store by saying, "He's being disobedient, prolly he needs a spanking"!!  Keeps me on my toes.

She is learning some of her letters - although because of my stress, I let her off the hook for a while, but we are reviewing and should be back on track soon!  I do this - not because I have some overwhelming desire for KayLynn to read, or write right now - but because she so loves to be challenged and I don't ever want to neglect her learnign so that she also gives up on it.

She is more and more into anything dress-up (clothes, hats, jewely), in fact anything accessory is loved by this kid.  In fact we often catch her role-playing with her dolls and other toys.

These days, I am trying to slow down because she loves to 'help' cook and clean as much as I will let her.  So far she makes smoothies in the blender and scrambled eggs with cheese, she tosses the salads and mixes anything that needs mixing, and some that dont.  She got to help make a cake for my sister's shower which she loved.  If I ask her to please come help me, she comes running!  She loves to be by my side.

She is such a joy and I love that she is all mine.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Time Buddy

I have really enjoyed the blog I'm not your everyday average mom  She has giveaways and all kind of free stuff that she leads you to.  Right now she is doing a giveaway for the Time Buddy.
This cool toy actually helps teach time management - something more people could learn.  It is customizable with removable stickers, has alarms and you can leave a message for your child and record their name in the recorded sayings.  This helps your children knowing the plan of the day!!  I really want one for K - although they are a little pricey...  so go over and enter to win your free one!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What do you think?

Say Yes when you can, No when you must

I love this article.  What an amazingly easy task - and yet, do I do it?  Not as much as I would like.  I like that she makes the point that we do not let our children rule the home, but we also don't always need to say no.  I think this is right in line with "fathers do not exassperate your children".  I find that when I come up with more ways to say yes, there are less reasons to say no.

For example.  The other afternoon KayLynn asked if she could play outside and I said no.  It was cold and wet, and I didn't want to get her all bundled up and then clean her off.  Now, sometimes that is a good reason, but not all of the time...

What do you think?

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Parenting Series

I am so excited about the parenting series that Pastor Rayburn is doing at church.  I was so encouraged this week by just hearing that our children 'ought' to be saved.  I thought it a little telling of my personality that he said many people take that more of a condemnation than an encouragement.  I am more often than not overwhelmed by the amazing burden the Lord has given me in raising this child, that it is a comfort that children of believers should be raised as Christians.  I am hoping to keep account of each class so that I can come back to these lessons on a regular basis - so the following are my notes, feel free to add anything - or correct me if I missed something.

He started the class by saying that the first few classes will be the theology or the base of what we will be learning.  There are 6 parts to the base theology that we believe as Covenant Theologists.

1.  Most Christians are the result of a Christian family.  "Grace runs in the family"  (Gen4)
2.  It is God's will that it is so.  God said, "I will be a God to you and your children."  Our world is a collection of families - not individuals.  The bible is always talking about how someone was saved  and his family.  (Malachi 2:15)
3.  Biblical Paradigm is for children of believers to be believers from infancy.  He brought up the passage that says he formed me in the womb.  We are not voluntarists - we don't choose (in fact it takes no act on our part at all), therefore it is a logical conclusion that we can be saved from conception. (Ps 22,71 and Lk2)

I found this so encouraging.  I also found it all very logical considering what I believe about Christ and His scripture.  I am very much looking forward to the next 9 weeks.  How did you like it?

Saturday, October 2, 2010

For those of you with growing kids...

And since that is most (or all) of you...  I thought you might be interested in hearing about the Sears Kidvantage.  You can join and you get the following benefits:

KidVantage Membership
Becoming a member of our KidVantage® Club is easy. You can join this club by signing up at any register in your local full-line Sears store.

KidVantage Benefits
Every time you spend $100.00 on kids / infant clothing and kids / infant shoes, you will receive a coupon for 15% off your next kids / infant apparel purchase. The coupon is ready to use and is attached to the end of your receipt.

Wear Out Warranty
The KidVantage® Club offers the Wear Out Warranty. When your baby grows up and your kids clothing or kids shoes wear out before they are out grown, Sears will replace them for free.
The KidVantage® program is not available online. This program is only offered through our retail stores. Learn more about KidVantage on MySears Community.

This is also great because there stuff is not that expensive...I always find shoes $11 or under.