Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What do you think?

Say Yes when you can, No when you must

I love this article.  What an amazingly easy task - and yet, do I do it?  Not as much as I would like.  I like that she makes the point that we do not let our children rule the home, but we also don't always need to say no.  I think this is right in line with "fathers do not exassperate your children".  I find that when I come up with more ways to say yes, there are less reasons to say no.

For example.  The other afternoon KayLynn asked if she could play outside and I said no.  It was cold and wet, and I didn't want to get her all bundled up and then clean her off.  Now, sometimes that is a good reason, but not all of the time...

What do you think?


Leanne said...

I did not read the article yet, but I was just thinking the same thing the other day. I had told Levin no about something (I can't recall about what) and then I had to come back on my word and say yes, because I realized that I had no real reason to say no to him. I explained to him why I had changed my mind, so as to not come across as a "softy" or inconsistent mother. I think too often I simply reply no, without even having fully listened to or thought through what the boys wanted.

Deenie said...

When you do say yes when you can - they know you mean business when you have to say no

sharika roland said...

take her out even in the cold and have an adventure. You will be regretting everytime you did not do what you could do when she is grown. She will be grown in about two minutes .
I wish I had spent more time just looking at Max when he was a baby.