Friday, October 22, 2010

Some Random Fun

KayLynn's new shopping basket (I love Ross).  We don't really have tons of space for it - but she loes it, and for $3 who could resist?
 KayLynn cooking with Mom (no longer Mommy :(  )
 Just chillin'  (Yep, she is in the dog bed with her feet up and the keyboard in her lap)
 Playing with clay - more pics to come!
 Her new favorite activity is to fill the drawers and then remember which drawer holds what.
 Yep, lots of fun in the LeFebvre household - I just forget to share...


Courtney Dey said...

She's so big! She's a little girl now, and toddlerhood seems long gone! How did that happen?

sharika roland said...

my little girl is so big. she said the other day that her heart was sad. She did not get what she wanted and than it what she said. I wonder where she learned that. said...

Oh the drawer thing. I know you probably get tired of hearing it, but she is SO much like you!! when you were little, I knew that I could thrill you just by getting you any type of container, so long as it had drawers, pockets, cubbies or envelopes. Mini me!!