Saturday, October 9, 2010

I guess its about time to update you on the kid...

KayLynn is doing very well.  She is, of course, talking more and more evyday.  Her favorite word is probably (although it has no 'b's in it when she says it.  She loves to embarrass me at the store by saying, "He's being disobedient, prolly he needs a spanking"!!  Keeps me on my toes.

She is learning some of her letters - although because of my stress, I let her off the hook for a while, but we are reviewing and should be back on track soon!  I do this - not because I have some overwhelming desire for KayLynn to read, or write right now - but because she so loves to be challenged and I don't ever want to neglect her learnign so that she also gives up on it.

She is more and more into anything dress-up (clothes, hats, jewely), in fact anything accessory is loved by this kid.  In fact we often catch her role-playing with her dolls and other toys.

These days, I am trying to slow down because she loves to 'help' cook and clean as much as I will let her.  So far she makes smoothies in the blender and scrambled eggs with cheese, she tosses the salads and mixes anything that needs mixing, and some that dont.  She got to help make a cake for my sister's shower which she loved.  If I ask her to please come help me, she comes running!  She loves to be by my side.

She is such a joy and I love that she is all mine.

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