Tuesday, May 31, 2011

First pedicure

Kaylynn got to go with mom and aunt mandy to get her nails with sparkles " lots of sparkles mom!! "

Thursday, May 26, 2011

My little Conversationalist

K:  said to me while getting ready for bed...Its gonna be bedtime when we get home.  No talking and crying.  If I talk and cry then mommy will have to come in and spank me.  But guess what, in the morning, daddys gonna give me a special treat - its probably gonna be gum!


"I wanna go to my sister's house."
Me:  really?
Aunt Mandy: Who is your sister?
K: Wren, Wren is my sister.


K:  Mom, I'm gonna need my gloves.  Conderella has gloves.


K:  said in urgent voice while getting in bed Mom, where is my ribbon?
Me:  ribbon?
K:  Yeah
Me: What ribbon?
K:  For my hair.
Me:  What are you talking about?
K:  Sleeping Beauty wears a ribbon to bed, I need a ribbon so my hair wont be in my face when I sleep


Me: said while at work with K...KayLynn, do you want to shred these papers?
K:  Yep, but you're gonna have to cover my ears...


Joe at work: Hi KayLynn, how are you today?
K:  Um, I'm gonna have to go to my desk now.


K:  Mom, may I PLEASE talk to strangers?
Me:  talk to who?
K:  Strangers!
Me:  No, but thanks for asking so politely!
K:  Please, please, please...  (her new thing, as if saying it 50 times makes me more apt to say 'yes', ugh)


K:  Mom, wheres the rainbows?  God took them away
Me:  Yep, He only lets us see rainbows as a special treat.
K:  But He will give them back
K: said in sing sony voice Tonight, I am going to go to God's house and have dinner and play with the rainbows

Friday, May 20, 2011


Today I gave my 2 weeks notice.  My last day working out side the home will be June 3rd.  To thank you all for your prayers, support and encouragement during the process, I am having a giveaway...

As I am sure many of you know, I am in love with Scentsy products.  In fact, I am addicted and jsut started selling them.  We have them on all the time in our home, and it is so much better than the smell of our dog.  Today you can enter to win a plug in warmer.

All you have to do is leave a comment telling me where you would put it, and what scent you would chose (Cinnamon Bear, Autumn Sunset, Newborn Nursery, Clove and Cinnamon).

I will draw a name out of a hat on June 6th (My first official day home from work) and contact the winner!  Good luck.

Doing a project

Friday, May 13, 2011

MAH Friday #4

One of the things that I love about Max is that he is every bit a man.  Granted this makes communication hard sometimes, but it also allows me to be a woman.  He may not seem to see dishes, but he always sees me.  He probably wont remember that we are out of milk, but he always remembers to tell me I look beautiful.  Without me he wouldn't remember to thank his mother on Mother's Day, but he will remember after work at 3:30 AM to go get me flowers and a card  and put them out so they are the first thing I see in the morning.  He might not notice that I need a hair cut, but when I ask him to watch KayLynn so I can, he will say, "Sure, and why don't you get some coffee while you are out?"

I love the song, "Honey Im still a guy" and it always makes me think of Max.  In a land where femenism seems to be thriving, I love that my husband is a man, so that I can be a woman.  Without real men, where would we be?

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bring Your Child to Work Day

We had bring your child to work day a couple weeks ago and I was excited that I could share the pics since they were emailed on my work account!!  KayLynn had a blast with her new friend Jordaan.  The morning started off with a picture contest and a 'meeting' with the big boss in Seattle on Teleconfrance - KayLynn said that was her favorite movie because the girl talked to her!  KayLynn also had no problem when it was her turn to hold the micrphone and tell her name and the name of her mommy!

 She was very obedient and I was so proud of her!
*I was unable to get ahold of the judges to get their permission to post this pic
 She got to meet the judges and sit in the chair to talk on the microphone!!
 After lunch and before naps they got to watch a movie on our governement-funded-big screen.  It doesn't normaly play videos - but one of our attorneys hooked it up for us.
All in all it was a good day and she did very well.  Due to Max's new work shcedule she has been back a couple times since (about 2x a week) and she is very helpful.  She loves to shred (although she has to wear ear plugs!), but her favorite part is taking the documents taht I scan to the correct attorneys.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Traveling through time

KayLynn got to play in Granny's wedding dress this last weekend.  She had so much fun being 'marriage'.

So, as you can see I figured out how to post from my fancy new phone!  Max figured since I no longer had a working computer he would get me internet on my phone...yeah!  Although I keep messing up words when I post on facebook its fun!  So, I will be able to post pictures again - although probably less words since on my phone you can barely see the words when you type - you either see the words or the keyboard, but not at the same time!  So, I'm back - kinda...

As for my tabs...  They are updated now
I only lost 4 pounds each of the last two months which is good - but I was a little dissappointed in my attitude towards the whole thing.  However, due to the fac that I will be home soon and then this will be harder (as far as discipline in eating because I like to snack when at home); I am really kicking it into high gear this month.  So, thanks for your prayers and support!

Last month I did correspondence mostly with those that I usually dont see or talk to.  I am hoping to do more over time, but was pleased with last month.  This month I changed to just surviving because there is so much going on right now. 

30 by 30
Nothing.  Yep, I haven't done any of it, although plans are in the works for some of them during the summer!

Anywa, hope you are all doing well.  I really enjoy reading your blogs and keeping up with how you are doing - although I look forward to being able to do more of that in person in the future.