Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bring Your Child to Work Day

We had bring your child to work day a couple weeks ago and I was excited that I could share the pics since they were emailed on my work account!!  KayLynn had a blast with her new friend Jordaan.  The morning started off with a picture contest and a 'meeting' with the big boss in Seattle on Teleconfrance - KayLynn said that was her favorite movie because the girl talked to her!  KayLynn also had no problem when it was her turn to hold the micrphone and tell her name and the name of her mommy!

 She was very obedient and I was so proud of her!
*I was unable to get ahold of the judges to get their permission to post this pic
 She got to meet the judges and sit in the chair to talk on the microphone!!
 After lunch and before naps they got to watch a movie on our governement-funded-big screen.  It doesn't normaly play videos - but one of our attorneys hooked it up for us.
All in all it was a good day and she did very well.  Due to Max's new work shcedule she has been back a couple times since (about 2x a week) and she is very helpful.  She loves to shred (although she has to wear ear plugs!), but her favorite part is taking the documents taht I scan to the correct attorneys.

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