Monday, July 21, 2008


**Max had his first day back at work today. He was pretty amazed that he missed her so much. She has only been in our lives for four days, and already he is completely attached. He spent come quality time with her when he got home, so that she wouldn't think that he had abandoned her! He also took a picture to show her size well - with his boxers..

**KayLynn had her first doctor appointment today. She was pretty good. She watched that doctor like a hawk. It is funny, I am sure that moms (especially first timers) always think that their child has done everything early, so doctors take things they say with a grain of salt! However, we were talking about babies watching movement and I told the doctor that KayLynn is not at all like a newborn, in that she follows people with her eyes. When I talk, she moves her head and looks at me, and further more, she has been doing that since she was born. She watched people, I don't think that he believed me. He gave me a patronizing smile! Oh well!

**KayLynn had her first concert. Last night Max played the piano for KayLynn. Max is more of a composer because he just sits down at the piano, pushes down keys and it always sounds really good - I hate people with natural talent. I took lessons for two years, and all I can do is play Mary Had a Little Lamb. I can't even play chopsticks!

**First full day of feeding well. KayLynn and I are becoming quite the team. I am so blessed to have Mrs Matsuda right down the street. She was such a blessing, I can't even count the number of times she came over to help us learn. Praise the Lord, I think that we have crossed the bridge. That is not to say that we wont have anymore hard days, but I think the hardest part is over!! This is such a blessing because the better we get at feeding, the better she is at sleeping. I have been getting 3hour segments of sleep which is so nice.

Thank you all for your prayers during these past few days. We have most definately needed them. Starting today I am trying to get out of the house for a little bit. Even just taking a walk around the block with KayLynn - just to keep my spirits up and to remember the difference between night and day. See/Talk/Write with/to you all soon!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Long Story

** Being posted a year after the fact, mostly just to remember it!!

Monday morning I woke up with contractions. I was having consistent contractions - every 20 minutes apart. Well, let me just say that those are the most annoying contractions on earth. They were just far enough apart for me to get comfortable, and just strong enough to awaken me! Max called work and told them I was in labor and would not be in. Max was very anxious and wanted to go to the hospital. We went around noon, i was dilated to a 'loose' 1. And you guessed it...

...they sent us home. Actually they told us that we could stay if we wanted to, but who would want to stay there if they don't have to? I continued to have contractions 20 minutes apart all evening and through the night, waking me up every 15-20 minutes.

Tuesday: Since nothing more seemed to be happening, Max went into work and Aunt Tam came to the house to 'watch' me. We too a really long walk around the neighborhood, and went out to Mexican, thinking that the spices might pick things up. And still the contractions continued, never more than 20 minutes apart, and never less than 15! I tried to take a nap, but would just fall asleep and then get another contraction. She left just before Max got home and we all prayed that this would end soon...

Wednesday: Through the night I continued my nice regular contractions! I told Max to go to work because obviously nothing was happening - still. Aunt Tam told me to go to the doctor and have them prescribe a sleeping pill for me, since I had not slept since Sunday night. I called my sister and she 'happened' (meaning that the Lord knew that I needed her) to be off work and agreed to spend the day with me. We went to the doctor, and got a sleeping pill - I was so excited. She checked me and found out that I was still a 'loose' 1.

***Warning too much info*** She also swept my membranes.

She told Mandy to take me to the mall and walk with me before I went home to sleep. It was around lunchtime, so when we got to the mall, we got a pretzel with fake cheese (for some reason I love fake cheese!). About halfway through the pretzel, I started having REAL contractions. We had a hard time timing them, because to me they just seemed to roll right into each other. I was having a hard time talking and I could not walk. Mandy thought it would be funny to find me a wheelchair - a great story you know! I told her I would kill her if she tried to push me in a (who knows how clean) wheel chair through the mall - the car was on the complete opposite side of the mall.

She did look for the wheel chair, but security informed her that it was being used right now, and they all helped me out to their jeep and drove me to Mandy's car. Though I was thankful for the help, I was very happy to be in the comfort of Mandy's car without utter strangers touching me - little did I realize how many more strangers would be touching me!

I told Mandy to drive me home and we would call Max, and wash my hair - I was adamant that I needed to wash my hair. Mandy was worried and decided to call Tam and ask her opinion, and she told Mandy to just take me to the hospital. I will never forgive them for not letting me wash my hair. I felt disgusting!

The contractions were still coming right on top of the last. I was kinda freaking out that Max would not be at the hospital when we first got there and that they would send me home again - I wasn't sure I could handle that emotionally.

When I got to the hospital my contractions started to even out. They were still consistent and painful, but I could time them and in between I could talk. When we finally got checked in again and in a bed I got examined. I was now a full 4 and they decided that I could stay. I spent intermittent time walking and in the bath tub. I used the ball to ride out some contractions and was so very thankful for my sister's ability to distract me. I loved being in the water - we had originally hoped for a water birth because I am such a waterbug... however,

KayLynn had several instances when they lost her heart beat - or her heart rate would drop dangerously low, so they put me in the bed. When I would lie on my right side KayLynn's heart rate would drop, so I had to lie on my left side at a 45 degree angle, which was extremely uncomfortable for me - I hated being on my back. They put lots of monitors in/on me to monitor KayLynn and put me on oxygen. When you are hooked up to monitors you cannot be in the water. I was pretty upset about that as the water helped me handle the contractions very well. It didn't take the pain away - just made me sane enough to handle them.

They checked me a few hours later and I was still at a 4. They asked if they could break my water (which coincidentally I had always pictured as like popping a balloon) which hurt more than anything thus far - we did find out when they broke the sack that one of the reasons for K's problems is that there was very little 'water' and mostly it was meconium.

At 10:30PM they checked me and I was still at a 4 - my contractions weren't working, and breaking the water didn't do anything. The doctor talked to me and asked if we could start pitocin. Since I was in the middle of labor - they wanted to see if they could help my contractions work.

On top of that (at about 11:30PM) came the epidural - if I never have to endure another one I will die a happy woman. I can still remember the feel of it going in and it still gives me the shivers. I hated it. I pray that the next time, I will not be having one!

I spent the night going in and out of sleep - I couldn't actually fall asleep because there was too much happening in my head, but I was able to relax for several hours. Mandy and Max both fell asleep. Aunt Tam was awake the whole time making sure I was fine.

It should be added that the nurses were really worried about me being able to push K out. I had three sets of nurses and they all told me to prepare myself for a C-section. This really made Max and I nervous and scared, but Aunt Tam helped us remember that the Lord already knew how K would come into this world, and that there are no mistakes.

By 7:00AM on Thursday morning (July 17th) I was dilated to a 10, and the nurses told me it was time to push. I thought this was funny considering that that doctor wasn't even in the room, but as I started to push the doctor came in, the neonatal people came in and another set of nurses came in. It was a full house.

I had Max and Mandy on my right and Aunt Tam on my left. They were holding my legs because I still could not feel them. Looking back I think it is absolutely ridiculous that they would tell someone with an epidural to push - like you know how, you can't even feel anything...

Anyway, at one point I had to tell Aunt Tam to stop leaning on my leg so hard - she was so focused that she forgot I was attached I think. I also had to tell my helpful, supportive husband to 'Shhh' because he was encouraging me with too many words! During the episiotomy my sister almost lost her cookies - she was a little sickened that the doctor just grabbed a pair of scissors and cut me! However, the Lord was gracious and KayLynn Alexandra was born at 10:41AM on Thursday July 17th.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Baby KayLynn

Well, long story short - She is here! I can share the long story later!! But here are some pictures of our beautiful daughter.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Fun Sunday Afternoon

Still no baby in hand, but fun non-the-less! Today in order not to sit around and wish to be in labor, I invited my friend Kaeley over to hang out with me. We had a very good time talking as Kaeley is 24 weeks pregnant with her first son. It was fun to share stories and give a heads up. We went to my favorite coffee shop down the street and enjoyed their comfy couch. Then we went to Target where Kaeley got me a mobile for the baby crib - it is classic pooh and just the cutest thing ever! She also talked me into buying the stuffed piglet that they had. Usually they don't have piglet, and there were only two left, so I am glad she talked me into it. Now we are ready for the baby to come. While we were at target we saw lots of pregnant women, apparently they (we) are out in droves today.

Kaeley and I also took a baby bump picture - as she is now definitely showing. I look more miserable than I feel - that will teach me to take a picture with no makeup on, Aunt Cynthia would hang her head!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Chronicles of Unwasted Time...

Since I have been given all this extra time to get ready for the baby, I have been trying to take advantage of it! I get so much done everyday - it almost makes me feel that I should do more when I am not pregnant!! Oh well. Anyway, I have been doing very important things like getting a pedicure (wouldn't want the doc to see unkept feet!), making sure that everything is picked up each night before we go to bed, nothing gets left till the morning anymore (I wouldn't want to have to come home to a dirty house), making sure that all the laundry is kept done(who wants to have to go to the hospital naked to have a child??), packing my hospital bag (we realised that we should do that now that she could be here anytime!), and last but not least, finishing the christening gown.

I am so happy that the gown turned out so well. For those of you who are seamstresses (Sarah, Grandma, Aunt Cynthia, Aunt Diana...), please don't look too closely. I lost my zipper foot for my machine, and had to do that part by hand. This was only my fourth project, first was a blanket, second was a book and third was a straight skirt - which I finished just before I started gaining pregnancy weight. So, this was quite the undertaking for me. It took me a long time and I had to re-do parts of the dress, several times. I have not finished the bonnet yet, and at this point pulling it all out again just makes me a little sick - so maybe she will be bonnet-less, it is summer after all.

Of course, I am praying that she fits into the dress, with as long as she is waiting to come out, she could be fifteen pounds, and I would have to get her something else to wear! But I will cross my fingers.

I am so glad that I finished it though, it is now a remembrance of my wedding, and a (soon) baptism. I plan to embroider KayLynn's initials on the back when she is baptised. I do want to wait until she is here though because, who knows she may not be KayLynn - you can never be too sure. Here is the picture of the dress.

Different Ways of Handling Heat...

Well, It has been a hot few days. The weather has been so beautiful here. The challenge: Finding something cool enough for a pregnant woman in the summer, and yet nice enough for the office!! As I was cleaning the other day I noticed that Crickett, likes to stretch out during the hot times and let the fan in the living room blow on her - she was so cute that I decided to take a picture. Here she is - apparently it is her belly that gets hot too!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

"D" Day plus two

Or as the office calls it, "Day three of baby watch". The Lord has been giving Max and I blessing after blessing. Yesterday at work my big boss offered to make a position for me in the Tacoma office. Her reasoning - she did not want me to quit due to the commute and having to deal with a newborn. So now, I will be just a few minutes away from my house for work! Such an unexpected blessing! I am also thankful that the Lord has blessed us so that I do not have to work full-time, but I can go back to work part-time (20 hrs) and still have most of my time with our little one...

Also, KayLynn has decided that she is perfectly happy where she is! Believe it or not, this is a blessing. Both my mother (Terri) and my best friend (Brenda) will be coming to Washington for visits the first week in August. This means that I will still be on baby leave from work when they are here and I will get to spend lots of time with them. I can't wait to see them. And, the weather is so beautiful that we will be able to spend a lot of time outside and on the water. KayLynn, of course, will have to be covered and kept cool, but it will be fun. If any of you cant reach me in the weeks following the birth, I am probably at Aunt Cynthia's on the dock.

Well, that’s the update for now...

Monday, July 7, 2008

A Year of Blessings...

Today is Max and my one-year anniversary! I am so thankful to the Lord for giving me such a wonderful husband. I cannot imagine having enjoyed this year more, or having grown more in love with him than I was on our wedding day. Everyday I have more reasons to thank the Lord for giving me this man. I look forward to the future and Lord-willing, many more years together.

The traditional "First-Year" gift is supposed to be something paper. We intend to give eachother a birth certificate! It will probably be a few days late, but it will last forever!

Friday, July 4, 2008


Congratulations to the Giampapa's for their newest edition! Praise the Lord that he came and is big, healthy and happy. Remember to keep them in your prayers as they adjust to life with two little guys.

3 days to go...

Well, here we are. Three days to go. Just waiting to see if this little girl likes to be on a schedule or if she wants to be stubborn and comes in her own sweet time. We are praying that she wants to come early so that we can begin enjoying her now, and so I don't have to go back to work next week!! We shall see.

The bet at work is that I will have her before Monday the 7th. However, it does not seem that way now.