Friday, February 26, 2010

The aforementioned pictures...

Playing with DaddyOut to dinner at the Olive Garden
Showing off the new pillow that mommy made
"n' night"
Yet another opportunity for
Feeding the baby pancakes...
pronounced, "bedpan"no I am not kidding
Giving baby drinks
Washing baby's hands and face
Out to the park Goin' on the slide
Mommy's heart about stopped watching her go on the big-kid slide by herself for the first time.
Spinning and spinning and spinning...

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

KayLynn Antics...

~Do you ever just watch your children play?? I love watching KayLynn play(I have to say that Tam also likes to watch KayLynn play - in fact if you are talking to her and KayLynn is around you will notice that her attention shifts - ALWAYS), and I am starting to notice a theme - she is the mommy now. Last night I was in the kitchen making dinner when she came in with her baby(a purple bear). She then came to me and asked me for a 'bite'. I wasn't really paying that much attention and I gave her a pancake (which when she says, it sounds a lot like 'bedpan'), but then noticed that her highchair was full. She went over and started feeding her baby. One bite for baby and one for KayLynn. Then she came and asked me for the towel and told the baby to "wash your hands and face". After that was finished the baby got a "drink juice". Then they went and played together.

~The other day I was on the phone with Tam and I told her that KayLynn was once again putting the dog bowl (which I wash every time the dog eats - for this very reason) in her room. I was getting after her and putting it away when Tam realised that it was probably because she is playing with her kitchen in her room and the dog bowl goes by the stove. Sure enough when she did it again it was right next to the stove in her room and she was cooking away while talking to the 'dog'.

~KayLynn loves to be on her belly now. She will grab a book and read it on her belly. She plays in the tub on her belly (I make sure the water is shallow). If I give her a snack with a plate on the kitchen floor, she rolls onto her belly to eat it. When she wants to talk to Beider (dog), she gets on her belly in front of him and chats away. What is this new fascination??

~If KayLynn hurts something, your first clue as to what it is will be that it is in your face - quickly so watch out for fat lips, I have had several. Conversely, if you hurt yourself, she will want to kiss it for you. Max had a very minor surgery on his head and has a bandage - kayLynn keeps saying, "Daddy, owee. Kiss, kiss?"

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lets get back to it

In an effort to get back to the original purpose of my blog, which was mainly to share about our family and mostly just KayLynn, I started a weight-loss journey blog. This is mainly so that I can keep track of progress and failures. If you want to wander over there, whether for your own amusement or my encouragement, feel free. This blog will go back to being about the family and my darling daughter who kept me awake last night!!


To Kaeley and Mat who are engaged!
actually a while ago, but I didn't want to steal their thunder...

Monday, February 22, 2010

dead computer

Well, my computer is dead! I thought so, and then Max did a bunch of fancy button stuff and proclaimed that I really killed it this time! Therefore I will not be able to update you with pictures (although maybe tonight Aunt Tam will let me use her computer because some of them are pretty cute!), but I will do so using just plain-ole-words...

~KayLynn and I had the most restful weekend we have had in months. We cooked (there are pictures!); cleaned; had a photo shoot (more pictures that I can't show you); read books; taught the baby (the plastic one) all about her eyes, nose, and ears; took naps (yeah!) and played with our (her) toys.

~Sunday KayLynn sat in church. She got to go down to the nursery during the sermon, but I thought she did ok (ask Derek he was right next to me, with Kaiya who was setting such a good example for KayLynn) for the first time. KayLynn doesn't understand why anyone would want to be quiet - so that part is hard. In fact she thinks that "shh" means to put your loud talking mouth right next to mamma's ear! She will probably contiue to go downstairs for the sermon (for a while-its not like she is getting anything out of it) but I think she will continue to sit upstairs for the singing and such because she likes it and it is good for her to learn what quiet means - so please be forgiving and we will try not to ruin your Sunday!!!

~On a less happy note, Max's grandfather did pass away last Friday morning. He donated his body to science so there will be no funeral but the family has decided to have a memorial service sometime in march. As soon as the date is decided we will probably be getting tickets to head down to South Carolina. Please pray for Max and his father at this time.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sugar and Spice and Puppy Dog Tails

As I drove home last night I heard behind me, "Where's your eyes baby?" and then again a little louder, "Wheres your eyes baby?", when I looked in the rearview mirror I saw KayLynn poking her new baby doll's eyes. She then went on to teach her baby all the other body parts that she knows. She is such a little girl. It is funny to me that people can actually think that gender is something we decide. If they really think that then they have never watched children play. It is even funnier when you see KayLynn and tristan Together.

She says body parts=He says animal sounds
She pushes the buttons on cars=Tristan makes them drive
She cuddles babies=Tristan laughs at them (he really does!)
She gives Tristan hugs and kisses=Tristan pushes her away!

Even the way they dance is different... Kaeley and I are often musing at how distinctly BOY and GIRL they are.

for those interested I found this article somewhat ammusing...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Max's grandfather

I want to tell you about our weekend-in-a-day away, but that will have to wait. For now, please allow me to once again solicit your prayers. Max's grandfather (his dad's dad) is dyeing. He lives in South Carolina. Please pray that the Lord will give Max wisdom and comfort. He wants to be there for his dad, but he also wants to say goodbye to his grandfather. He is struggling to find the answers. And then, of course, there is the money. For something like this (we have decided) you just fork it out and let the chips fall, but well yeah...

When Max does decide to go, KayLynn and I are going to try to go with him. SO please pray for Max and his father (as far as I know neither his father nor his grandfather are believers) as they deal with their grief. Also if you know of any cheap ways to get airfare please let us know.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

You may have noticed that I did not reach my goal weight last week. Apparently my 30 minute work-outs five days a week are just not hacking it. Starting this week I will be working out 1 hour of cardio every moning before work. I am praying that this will give me a kick in the pants!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

MAH Friday #3

I missed last week because of pressing friend concerns, so here we go again!

Pampering. If there were a class on how best to pamper your wife, my husband could teach it. You have all heard me brag before, but I have to say that I am really pampered. If it didn't sound so cheesy, I would call myself queen of my home! Let me refresh your memory, roses, proschuitto covered pears and triple chocolate cheesecake just because; house cleaned and ready for company when I get home and warming up my clothes in the dryer on a cold day. This is my husband. Well, to top it off...

Since I have started working out so hard, I have been sore. I hate to even say just how sore, because it will tell you just how far I have to go. however, my husband has been giving me massages. For those of you who don't know Max went to massage school - so he's good. He has been saying things like... "Why don't you go take a nice hot bath, I will pour you some wine and then when you get out I can give you a massage!"

Don't be jealous ladies, just tell your husbands about this and they can do it too!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Max and KayLynn

KayLynn's bellyMax's bicep

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Hey, just wondering if anyone has a monitor for Tristan to use. Kaeley needs to be able to hear him when he goes down for naps and to sleep at night - even if we could borrow one, please let me know. My cell is 253-222-5527.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Tristan Update

Kaeley and Tristan are going home!!!

Well actually they are going to stay with Tam and James the first few days, so Kaeley can get her barrings. Though Tam would never ask she would probably love assistance with a few meals while Kaeley is with her, so that she can focus on helping with Tristan. If you would be able/willing to help with dinners for Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday night, please let me know and I will organize(pick up if need be) for Tam.

Otherwise keep praying and thanking the Lord for Tristan's speedy recovery.

Tristan Update

There is much for which to be thankful. Kaeley and Tristan both got a solid 7 hours of sleep last night. I am sure that you know how helpful sleep is at a time like this. I was not able to be of assistance last night like I had hoped, however, for good reason. Kaeley's boyfriend Mat has really shown his true colors, standing by her and helping with Tristan. He and I got to the hospital last night at the same time and he was so amazing at calming both Tristan and Kaeley (and Kaeley leans on him :) ) that I was not needed. As I told him, I feel a bittersweet sort of feeling that she may not need me in the same capacity anymore. Although he was apologetic, I am happy that there relationship is going so well and that he seems to be such a great guy - I know we all like him. So, since he had it all under control I left and got a good night of sleep myself!!

Another thing to be grateful for is that Tristan had many dirty diapers last night, meaning that his blockage seems to be corrected!!

Today Tristan had some more tests to determine what caused the seizures that started this whole mess. Kaeley is now in the process of weighing the pluses and minuses of seizure medication. This is a huge decision, so pray for her confidence and peace of mind.

It looks like they will be (possibly) getting out of the hospital tomorrow. I will let you know more when I hear.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Tristan and Kaeley Update

Kaeley is getting some sleep, and after the night that I just heard about she deserves it. To make a long convoluted story shorter Tristan had a horrible night. Apparently he has an intestinal blockage (which was the reason that we could not calm him down). However the nursing staff did not take me, Kaeley or Tam seriously when we said he was in a lot of pain and it was not diagnosed until very early this morning (3/4am-ish). They were able to loosen him up (I will spare the details) and from what I hear is resting somewhat comfortably now - although they wont let him eat and if you know Tristan, that is not good. They are going to do some xrays to figure out where the blockage is and then deal with it.

To top that off, after Tam left early this morning Kaeley woke up and Tristan had pulled out all of the wires... They have him in a straight jacket now (tell me why they waited that long?) This is a lot to go through alone, so please pray for her. Her family is at the hospital for the day with her and she wont be alone tonight either, so hopefully that will ease some of the burden.

I will be at the hospital at 8pm tonight and if there are no further developements that is when you will next hear from me. Please continue to pray for Kaeley. I am sure that she is overwhelmed with all the tests, questions and decisions that she must make. Please pray also for Tristan that he will get the rest that he needs to heal well.

For those of you wondering Kaeley has a lot of help at the hospital during the day, but is worried about when she goes home with Tristan. When they get home from the hospital, she might need food or help watching Tristan - I will keep you posted as to how you can help. But for now she covets your prayers.

Tristan Update

Sorry that it took so long to update you all. I was at the hospital until 11:30 last night. Tristan had eaten a good dinner, followed by two cookies which he thoroughly enjoyed. We got him to sleep and he slept maybe 45 minutes/an hour. However he woke up about 10:30pm and we were having a hard time getting him back to sleep. They finally gave him some pain/sleep medication (I think it was like Tylenol PM but I can't remember). Tam showed up at about 11:00pm and proceeded to try to put him to sleep.

He had a heavy dose of antibiotics last night (through the pic line) and that may be why he wasn't feeling great. Kaeley has decided to start him on seizure medication and they are hoping that will prevent further seizures.

Please continue to pray for Tristan and Kaeley. As you can imagine, Kaeley is very nervous now. She is worried about everything that Tristan does, if he doesn't breath enough, too much, if he's sweaty... She is especially nervous for when they let her out, how she is going to relax ever again. So, please pray for her peace of mind and that the Lord would really carry her and Tristan through this. I will keep you updated as often as I can. I am going back tonight to stay with her through the night, so that hopefully she can get some sleep.

For those of you who have not heard the whole story:
Kaeley was awaken by Tristan making a strange noise at about 5:30 yesterday morning. He was having trouble breathing and it turns out he was having a seizure. He had been playing and laughing the night before and went to sleep well - no indication of things to come. Thankfully she was at a friend's mother's home and they were able to help her. She called 911 and they were there in five minutes. Most seizures last three minutes and then there is something in our brains that stop them. Tristan's lasted about 20 minutes. Kaeley was very scared while they were in the ambulance as no one would tell her Tristan would be OK.

When they got to the hospital the doctors induced a coma to calm his body and take tests(cat scan and spinal tap). They were throwing around the word meningitis. The tests came back negative and the found that it was a severe infection that had started in Tristan's ears. His ear drums had burst a few days before and the antibiotics had barely scratched the surface of the infection. The infection traveled far back and into the bones. He now has a pic line with the antibiotics going right to the source.

He is going to be put on seizure medication and we will see if that will help in the future

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Newest Tristan Update

I am at the hospital now and the latest is as follows...

Tristan is up and going. He is singing and playing, so that is good. He does have a pic line to get the antibiotics for the infection and will be in the hospital probably no less than three days. Thank you for your prayers and please continue to pray. Pray for Kaeley's continued strength to take care of Tristan and do all that needs to be done.

Tristan Update

For those of you praying for Tristan, let me give you the update. Tristan is now in stable condition and when Kaeley asked the doctors if he was going to live they said they think so. They have taken him off the drugs that were inducing the coma and are now trying to get him to wake up. Kaeley is singing to him and they are getting his favorite noise making toys to try to induce him out of the coma.

The catscan and the spinal tap both came back negative and he DOES NOT have meningitis, which is a good thing.

He is still in critical condition and has a sever infection that has spread to the bones in his nose and ear. Please continue praying and I will try to keep you updated.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Habit Forming

I have been working out in the afternoons 3 times a week. It takes up my entire evening leaving me little time for anything else. So, yesterday and today I worked out at the Y before heading to work. This is not easy for me - I like to sleep. So, how long does it take to form a habit? Max says it takes about a month, and everything I have read on this subject agrees with him. Therefore...

I am committing to getting up (freakishly early) every weekday morning and heading to the Y before work for four weeks. That means I get up at 4:50/5:00 AM in the morning. I will also be commiting to Pilates on Monday nights with my mom as teacher! Ugh, last night almost killed me - I am not even sore, just stiff!

The other habit we are forming is having a healthy budget. Up till now Max has handled every aspect of our finances. He has done very well paying off all our debt and putting money in savings, but now we are trying to keep track of it all a little more. So we have instituted a cash rule in our home which we started on Monday. For a while we will be a part of the envelope system crowd. Judging by how Max reacted when I came home with all the groceries for the next two weeks - he had no idea how far money could be stretched (especially when it came to his meat and protein). Our grocery bill will be the hardest. Max competes in strong man and is training for a body building contest in April and therefore needs certain kinds of foods to always be available to him.

So, please pray with me as we whip our family and our bodies into shape.