Friday, February 5, 2010

Tristan Update

Sorry that it took so long to update you all. I was at the hospital until 11:30 last night. Tristan had eaten a good dinner, followed by two cookies which he thoroughly enjoyed. We got him to sleep and he slept maybe 45 minutes/an hour. However he woke up about 10:30pm and we were having a hard time getting him back to sleep. They finally gave him some pain/sleep medication (I think it was like Tylenol PM but I can't remember). Tam showed up at about 11:00pm and proceeded to try to put him to sleep.

He had a heavy dose of antibiotics last night (through the pic line) and that may be why he wasn't feeling great. Kaeley has decided to start him on seizure medication and they are hoping that will prevent further seizures.

Please continue to pray for Tristan and Kaeley. As you can imagine, Kaeley is very nervous now. She is worried about everything that Tristan does, if he doesn't breath enough, too much, if he's sweaty... She is especially nervous for when they let her out, how she is going to relax ever again. So, please pray for her peace of mind and that the Lord would really carry her and Tristan through this. I will keep you updated as often as I can. I am going back tonight to stay with her through the night, so that hopefully she can get some sleep.

For those of you who have not heard the whole story:
Kaeley was awaken by Tristan making a strange noise at about 5:30 yesterday morning. He was having trouble breathing and it turns out he was having a seizure. He had been playing and laughing the night before and went to sleep well - no indication of things to come. Thankfully she was at a friend's mother's home and they were able to help her. She called 911 and they were there in five minutes. Most seizures last three minutes and then there is something in our brains that stop them. Tristan's lasted about 20 minutes. Kaeley was very scared while they were in the ambulance as no one would tell her Tristan would be OK.

When they got to the hospital the doctors induced a coma to calm his body and take tests(cat scan and spinal tap). They were throwing around the word meningitis. The tests came back negative and the found that it was a severe infection that had started in Tristan's ears. His ear drums had burst a few days before and the antibiotics had barely scratched the surface of the infection. The infection traveled far back and into the bones. He now has a pic line with the antibiotics going right to the source.

He is going to be put on seizure medication and we will see if that will help in the future


Andrea said...

Thanks for the update Tina. I'm glad T is stable right now. We have been praying for all of you guys. What a scary time.

Leanne said...

Wow! Thank you Tina for keeping us informed, so we know how best to pray. We will pray for peace and rest for you all.

Haley said...

Oh dear! I'll be praying!