Monday, February 22, 2010

dead computer

Well, my computer is dead! I thought so, and then Max did a bunch of fancy button stuff and proclaimed that I really killed it this time! Therefore I will not be able to update you with pictures (although maybe tonight Aunt Tam will let me use her computer because some of them are pretty cute!), but I will do so using just plain-ole-words...

~KayLynn and I had the most restful weekend we have had in months. We cooked (there are pictures!); cleaned; had a photo shoot (more pictures that I can't show you); read books; taught the baby (the plastic one) all about her eyes, nose, and ears; took naps (yeah!) and played with our (her) toys.

~Sunday KayLynn sat in church. She got to go down to the nursery during the sermon, but I thought she did ok (ask Derek he was right next to me, with Kaiya who was setting such a good example for KayLynn) for the first time. KayLynn doesn't understand why anyone would want to be quiet - so that part is hard. In fact she thinks that "shh" means to put your loud talking mouth right next to mamma's ear! She will probably contiue to go downstairs for the sermon (for a while-its not like she is getting anything out of it) but I think she will continue to sit upstairs for the singing and such because she likes it and it is good for her to learn what quiet means - so please be forgiving and we will try not to ruin your Sunday!!!

~On a less happy note, Max's grandfather did pass away last Friday morning. He donated his body to science so there will be no funeral but the family has decided to have a memorial service sometime in march. As soon as the date is decided we will probably be getting tickets to head down to South Carolina. Please pray for Max and his father at this time.

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Leanne said...

Well, we have and still do make our fair share of interruptions in church, so we will be the last to complain.

Glad you and KayLynn were able to enjoy a restful and fun weekend together.