Wednesday, June 29, 2011

come on over

So much to do...

To answer the much asked question, I love it. I love being home with KayLynn and she seems to be adjusting well. To begin my stay at home I overhauled the house and got myself set up with a cleaning schedule. I am now trying to slowly add things in, like seeing my friends (and KayLynns). I am In the middle of planning a birthday party for my grandmother, planning K's birthday, our anniversary, a day at the ocean with friends, going to the lavender festival and getting away to soap lake for a week or so. I am learning to be flexible ( not my strongest suit) and take what comes. we have been enjoying the sun when it shows up be working in the yard and playing in the water. We have the big pool set up as well as a little pool set up under one of KayLynns slides, so please come play with us. as many of you know we have one car for a while, so it is hard for me to get out. But, we would love to see you and give you some iced tea! KayLynn also has her art eisle set up outside so she can paint and bring the kids over!

Anyway, that all for now. I have been compiling a list of thing I have learned thus far and will post it sometime soon.Thank you all again for your love, prayers and support (as well as car rides).

Monday, June 6, 2011

And the Winner is...

True Random Number Generator

Haley, can you email me your address and let me know if you still want Autumn Sunset - it is kind of a soft cinnamon-y scent (its what we use in our house so I love it!)
Thank you all again for your support and prayers.  I am off to deep clean my house now...I hope the drapes come out of the washer ok...