Friday, February 5, 2010

Tristan and Kaeley Update

Kaeley is getting some sleep, and after the night that I just heard about she deserves it. To make a long convoluted story shorter Tristan had a horrible night. Apparently he has an intestinal blockage (which was the reason that we could not calm him down). However the nursing staff did not take me, Kaeley or Tam seriously when we said he was in a lot of pain and it was not diagnosed until very early this morning (3/4am-ish). They were able to loosen him up (I will spare the details) and from what I hear is resting somewhat comfortably now - although they wont let him eat and if you know Tristan, that is not good. They are going to do some xrays to figure out where the blockage is and then deal with it.

To top that off, after Tam left early this morning Kaeley woke up and Tristan had pulled out all of the wires... They have him in a straight jacket now (tell me why they waited that long?) This is a lot to go through alone, so please pray for her. Her family is at the hospital for the day with her and she wont be alone tonight either, so hopefully that will ease some of the burden.

I will be at the hospital at 8pm tonight and if there are no further developements that is when you will next hear from me. Please continue to pray for Kaeley. I am sure that she is overwhelmed with all the tests, questions and decisions that she must make. Please pray also for Tristan that he will get the rest that he needs to heal well.

For those of you wondering Kaeley has a lot of help at the hospital during the day, but is worried about when she goes home with Tristan. When they get home from the hospital, she might need food or help watching Tristan - I will keep you posted as to how you can help. But for now she covets your prayers.


Leanne said...

Tina, thank you so much for keeping us all up to date with this entire situation. We are praying on for all involved.

Dana said...

Thank you Tina for keeping everyone updated. We will keep praying.

sarah said...

Oh Tina, you are a good friend! How scared she must be! I am praying for some answers and for really good nurses tonight!
Let me know if I can help with your little one so you and Max can be up there!