Wednesday, February 24, 2010

KayLynn Antics...

~Do you ever just watch your children play?? I love watching KayLynn play(I have to say that Tam also likes to watch KayLynn play - in fact if you are talking to her and KayLynn is around you will notice that her attention shifts - ALWAYS), and I am starting to notice a theme - she is the mommy now. Last night I was in the kitchen making dinner when she came in with her baby(a purple bear). She then came to me and asked me for a 'bite'. I wasn't really paying that much attention and I gave her a pancake (which when she says, it sounds a lot like 'bedpan'), but then noticed that her highchair was full. She went over and started feeding her baby. One bite for baby and one for KayLynn. Then she came and asked me for the towel and told the baby to "wash your hands and face". After that was finished the baby got a "drink juice". Then they went and played together.

~The other day I was on the phone with Tam and I told her that KayLynn was once again putting the dog bowl (which I wash every time the dog eats - for this very reason) in her room. I was getting after her and putting it away when Tam realised that it was probably because she is playing with her kitchen in her room and the dog bowl goes by the stove. Sure enough when she did it again it was right next to the stove in her room and she was cooking away while talking to the 'dog'.

~KayLynn loves to be on her belly now. She will grab a book and read it on her belly. She plays in the tub on her belly (I make sure the water is shallow). If I give her a snack with a plate on the kitchen floor, she rolls onto her belly to eat it. When she wants to talk to Beider (dog), she gets on her belly in front of him and chats away. What is this new fascination??

~If KayLynn hurts something, your first clue as to what it is will be that it is in your face - quickly so watch out for fat lips, I have had several. Conversely, if you hurt yourself, she will want to kiss it for you. Max had a very minor surgery on his head and has a bandage - kayLynn keeps saying, "Daddy, owee. Kiss, kiss?"

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