Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sugar and Spice and Puppy Dog Tails

As I drove home last night I heard behind me, "Where's your eyes baby?" and then again a little louder, "Wheres your eyes baby?", when I looked in the rearview mirror I saw KayLynn poking her new baby doll's eyes. She then went on to teach her baby all the other body parts that she knows. She is such a little girl. It is funny to me that people can actually think that gender is something we decide. If they really think that then they have never watched children play. It is even funnier when you see KayLynn and tristan Together.

She says body parts=He says animal sounds
She pushes the buttons on cars=Tristan makes them drive
She cuddles babies=Tristan laughs at them (he really does!)
She gives Tristan hugs and kisses=Tristan pushes her away!

Even the way they dance is different... Kaeley and I are often musing at how distinctly BOY and GIRL they are.

for those interested I found this article somewhat ammusing...


Haley said...

Oh, that's funny. Yes, Jack-Jack's a definite boy too. And he's sparing on his kisses. Yes. It's been weeks since any of us have gotten one. *sigh* That's the way it is with boys...

sharika roland said...

She loves that doll. She was trying to feed her. Bite fore baby bite for Kaylynn. Oh and today she said Oh lets go for a walk. and Lets have pancakes. Her new laptop is way to advanced for her but she might pick up a few things. Yes she is a smart girl