Friday, February 12, 2010

MAH Friday #3

I missed last week because of pressing friend concerns, so here we go again!

Pampering. If there were a class on how best to pamper your wife, my husband could teach it. You have all heard me brag before, but I have to say that I am really pampered. If it didn't sound so cheesy, I would call myself queen of my home! Let me refresh your memory, roses, proschuitto covered pears and triple chocolate cheesecake just because; house cleaned and ready for company when I get home and warming up my clothes in the dryer on a cold day. This is my husband. Well, to top it off...

Since I have started working out so hard, I have been sore. I hate to even say just how sore, because it will tell you just how far I have to go. however, my husband has been giving me massages. For those of you who don't know Max went to massage school - so he's good. He has been saying things like... "Why don't you go take a nice hot bath, I will pour you some wine and then when you get out I can give you a massage!"

Don't be jealous ladies, just tell your husbands about this and they can do it too!


Haley said...

Of course you're the queen of your home, Tina. :) Every wife/mother who takes care of her husband and child/ren is the queen over her home. :)

Haley said...

I should add to that, that it certainly is nice to be treated like the queen! :D