Sunday, October 3, 2010

Parenting Series

I am so excited about the parenting series that Pastor Rayburn is doing at church.  I was so encouraged this week by just hearing that our children 'ought' to be saved.  I thought it a little telling of my personality that he said many people take that more of a condemnation than an encouragement.  I am more often than not overwhelmed by the amazing burden the Lord has given me in raising this child, that it is a comfort that children of believers should be raised as Christians.  I am hoping to keep account of each class so that I can come back to these lessons on a regular basis - so the following are my notes, feel free to add anything - or correct me if I missed something.

He started the class by saying that the first few classes will be the theology or the base of what we will be learning.  There are 6 parts to the base theology that we believe as Covenant Theologists.

1.  Most Christians are the result of a Christian family.  "Grace runs in the family"  (Gen4)
2.  It is God's will that it is so.  God said, "I will be a God to you and your children."  Our world is a collection of families - not individuals.  The bible is always talking about how someone was saved  and his family.  (Malachi 2:15)
3.  Biblical Paradigm is for children of believers to be believers from infancy.  He brought up the passage that says he formed me in the womb.  We are not voluntarists - we don't choose (in fact it takes no act on our part at all), therefore it is a logical conclusion that we can be saved from conception. (Ps 22,71 and Lk2)

I found this so encouraging.  I also found it all very logical considering what I believe about Christ and His scripture.  I am very much looking forward to the next 9 weeks.  How did you like it?

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Erika said...

Loved it. Thanks for taking notes, that will be helpful to come back to.