Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Life is like a teeter-totter...

Government is made up of checks and balances, and so is life. Even women who stay home, have to constantly balance their lives amongst all of the things they are involved in. Others of us have to balance husband/daughter/home/work/school...

Let me just say how hard it is to be at work by 7am three mornings a week. Of course, I admit, it would be harder to do that five days a week and many women have to! Wednesdays are actually my favorite because max is home and he stays with KayLynn, so there is less for me to do before I leave. But the other mornings, I have to get both KayLynn and me ready for the day and be out of the house by 6:15/6:20ish – AM!! However, if it were not for my sister who so graciously watches KayLynn on Friday mornings, before she goes to Tam’s house. I would have to be up much earlier in order to get KayLynn to Tam’s house and get to work on time.

Inevitably, when I have to get up by 5:20am in order to get everything done, KayLynn wakes up to be fed at 4:30am. Or, like this morning, she wakes up at 2am and she is awake, and she stays awake until minutes before I have to put her in the car. And by awake I mean laughing and playing and cooing. That sounds great, but when neither her father or I know that she is wanting to stay awake and play we try to get her to go to sleep, and when we turn the light off she gets mad because she wants to see her hanging toys. Finally we get smart and realize that she just wants the light on to play and we get fifteen minutes of sleep before I have to get up. When she is asleep she just lets it fall out and goes to sleep. But when she wakes up to play she wants it in her mouth. Isn’t it funny that something so small can have such a personality? KayLynn is more a morning person than Max or I. She loves to play around when she wakes up. We are trying to teach her that that is ok, she just can’t cry to get her pacifier!


I used to always brag about what an amazing man I am married to, but since KayLynn came I have stopped. This is sad because I am even more convinced of how blessed I am to have him. He is so helpful and encouraging. In the middle of the night when I am sure she is not sleeping because I am a horrible mother, it is Max who tells me how great I am. It is Max who says, “You are just too tired, let me.” It is Max who massages my feet before I have to get back on them. It is Max who spoils me by getting me healthy treats for me to eat so that I can be spoiled and still loose the weight! So, let me once again tell everyone that I am more in love with my husband now, than I was when we were married.

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mommybader said...

You are a rockstar for being able to get you and KayLynn out the door by 6:15am!! Can't wait to see you Thursday!!