Sunday, December 12, 2010

25 Days of Christmas ~ Day 12

Well this morning we got to go to church (although sick Max was at home hopped up on Nyquil) and most importantly for KayLynn she got to go to Sunday School, which she had begged to do every day since last week. 

After Sunday School we went to an all-day cookie bake with a friend from work and a fewe others.  We baked from 11:30AM till 5:30PM.  A good time was had by all.  I went home and divided the cookies (after Max had taken all that he liked - his favorite was Kristin's oatmeal scotchies!) into tins for the Great Grandparents and a neigbor.  This week we will be delivering the goodies and seeing the family.

For dessert KayLynn got to decorate her own sugar cookie with frosting and green and red sugar crystals!  She had so much fun that I was laughing too hard to take pictures!

It was such a late night that there were no Christmas stories, just Away in a Manger before bedtime and thats it!

Merry Christmas everyone and I hope that you are also stopping for some rest and reflection and not just overwhelming yourselves with making Christmas 'perfect'.

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jbhinman said...

It all looks yummy!