Wednesday, December 8, 2010

25 Days of Christmas ~ Day 8

This afternoon we went over to Kaiya's house (at least thats what KayLynn calls the Whaley house!) and did gingerbread houses with some other kids and their moms.  Though it was a short get-together, when we left KayLynn said, "Mom, that was just so much fun.  So much fun."  It was nice to visit with some moms for a little bit, and to see KayLynn playing with some kids her own age.  At bed time we read her christmas book - not enough beds and she laughed and laughed at the people sleeping in the tub!  Although it is a lot of work to do projects and fun things with her (after working all day) it is so worth it.  I love the excitement when we get to do a "special Christmas project".

I will have to beg Ms Kjerste for some more pictures of the event!  Merry Christmas and hope you all are enjoying your holiday thus far!

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