Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Day

This was truly one of our best Christmas Seasons ever!  First thing in the morning (well we let Daddy sleep in a little bit) we opened gifts.  This was really fun with KayLynn this year.  We had really been working on being sweet and cheerful when others get gifts.  Every time Max or I received a gift we made her sit down next us and watch us open it and then talk to us about what it was, and how nice it was.  And though she sometimes needed reminders, she proved to have learned well and even helped hand gifts to others.  We ended up getting her a new outfit, some new tennis shoes (her old ones a getting too small) and a doll with a car seat.  I decided to keep up our families tradition of getting a pomegranate in the stocking.  So KayLynn also got to have that as a snack later - which she loved!

Later on in the morning my sister and her husband came over for about an hour to open gifts.   They got KayLynn a Vtech (?) and we have yet to turn it on (and find out what it does) because it doesn't come with its own plug, so we have to purchase batteries or buy a cord for it.  I had made cinnamon rolls that Jayson loved - so I convinced him to take them home.  Its always fun to see my sister.  Plus I got to feel baby Jack move - finally!  We tried to get KayLynn to feel him, but she was busy with her new toys!

After having my sister over we went to Tam and James for Prime Rib Christmas Dinner!  So good.  We really enjoyed our day, which despite not sounding low-key, it was.

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