Tuesday, December 14, 2010

25 Days of Christmas ~ Day 14

Last night was a Christmas Party with our closest friends the Baders.  These are the same people that we went trick-or-treating with on Halloween.  The kids had a blast and I think we parents enjoyed ourselves as well.  I had so much fun getting their Christmas gifts.  I got their three children matching outfits!!  Something that those of us with one child don't often get to do!!
 KayLynn loved holding baby Jack, whom she liked to call Jacky!!
 Opening their gifts - kids are really so much more fun at Christmas
 The kids in their new outfits and KayLynn 'helping' the baby
 KayLynn with her new stroller (that she wanted to take to bed with her!)

We always have so much fun with the Baders, and though it was a late night, we really enjoyed ourselves.

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