Tuesday, December 28, 2010

25 Days of Christmas ~ The last few days

I will upload the pics soon - but I figured I would do the words while on break.

25 Days of Christmas ~ Day 21
On the 21st we got to have Wren over for the evening.  The girls did so well playing together.  They enjoyed a little craft as well as dinner together with hot chocolate.  They took a bath which Wren had been begging to do since she arrived.  I really enjoyed hearing the laughter as they talked and played together.  I decided that I do want another child - but I want a girl the same age as KayLynn!

25 Days of Christmas ~ Day 23
This evening (due to her abundance of gifts under the tree)we let K open her gifts from her South Carolina relatives so she wouldn't be quite so overwhelmed on the following days.  She was in heaven.  She got matching Elmo and me blankets as well as an Elmo DVD set.  She got right to watching it and cuddling with Elmo.

25 Days of Christmas ~ Day 24
On Christmas Eve we went to Gig Harbor with Max's parents.  It was a really fun time with some good food!  That evening we went to Tam's for the annual Christmas Eve Party!

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