Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What do you Think?


How many of you know that my name is Christina? Well, probably everyone who reads this - but other than that, the list is small.

Everyone calls me Tina. When I was young I had many nicknames, Teen, teeny bop... My sister and I call each other 'sister-sue' because my mom used to call us that when we were little - don't ask, I have no idea why.

I named my daughter KayLynn. I had no intention of calling her anything else. What do we call her? Munchkin or KK, which coincidentally is also Kaeley's nickname. My husband calls me "Lil Hunners", which KayLynn has started calling me. KayLynn calls Max, honey and sweetheart, because that is what I say all the time.

What are your nicknames? How did you (they) come up with them?


Ali Tong said...

Well, alot of people don't know my real name is Alexandra! But I've never really minded that.

Haley said...

All of my sibs called me 'Hay' before they could pronounce it fully. Yeah- great nick-name. :P Now I don't have any. Jackson is called Jack and Jack-Jack. Jamie is called Jam, Jammers, Jammikins, and Jamarella.

Haley said...
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jbhinman said...

little Zit...yes the best nickname ever.

Deenie said...

Deenie - my brothers started it. Diana is a mouthful for little ones and your dad - James - still calls me it to this day.