Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What do you think?? Challenge

Are you willing to tell me (us) how many toys your kids have?? I'm talking ALL the toys. Piece by piece. I don't think I realized just how many toys K had, until I did an inventory...down to the last block. As surprising as it was to me, I will share my results. Let me know what you think.

Minus the books, here is what I found...

Everyday -in her room- toys:
Kitchen (2 plates/2 cups/2 sets of flatware, salt/pepper, pot, pan)
Big shape puzzle
Singing/Talking Mailbox (with 3 letters and 1 package)
Piggy Bank (10 coins )
Mrs Potato Head (with eyes, hands, nose, mouth and hat)
Wooden Blocks (10)
Shape Sorting Ball
2 Cell phones
2 finger puppets

Stuffed Animals:
Winne the Pooh
baby doll

Outside toys:
1 balls
pushing/ride on lion
Music Bench

Bath toys:
pink rubber ducky
letters that stick to tub
yellow duck that swims
frog that tells temp

Rotating toys (stay in closet/only played with with adults:
little ABC puzzle
Magic colors drawing pad
Box of dress-up clothes
Mrs Potato Head (the rest of the parts)
The other half of the wooden block set

The toys highlited in blue, will be going to the basement this month because she is no longer interested in them. I find it very easy to get rid of stuffed animals (because they are hard to clean) and unused toys. I find it almost impossible to get rid of learning toys and books.

What toys do you have, really?? What toys are easy for you to get rid of and what toys are hard to get rid of??


jbhinman said...

between matchbox cars, lincoln logs, potatoe head, art supplies, books, learning toys, legos, train tracks, playdoh, and the sensory table...there is way too many to count. I keep most of these things put away until they ask for them!

jbhinman said...

As they get older their toys became smaller with more pieces (ie small lego)

Deenie said...

That is not many toys.
What she needs next is some felt food - easy peasy to make and so much fun for them to have

At her age, my girls loved dolls and their clothes, bed, accessories, and kitchen stuff

Just want to be a mini-mommy

Tina said...

She would probably love some felt food - as sho loves to 'cook' me dinner in her kitchen and I have some leftover felt...

Of course, I did not add that KayLynn also spends her time each week with Granny (who has many toys including her rocking horse which she loves) and
Mimi (who has lots of toys that K loves) and Mia (who has every girl toy imaginable - including the doll bed/stroller/diapers....) So KayLynn actually has a wide variety of toys.
For her birthdya she is getting a bike (for toddlers) and some bath crayons, but I should make her some felt food - she would love that!! Thanks :)

Leanne said...

I would have to agree with Brenda. We have too many toys, many that include small pieces (i.e. Playmobil, duplos, wooden blocks, cars, magnetic letters and numbers, etc.). We do rotate toys, which helps to keep clean up less overwhelming. I do go through and get rid of toys, but the toys I cannot part with are the nicer wooden toys, which we seem to have a fare share of. No problem getting rid of noisy, cheaply made toys. I will add that as Levin is getting older, it is getting harder to slip toys away unnoticed, but we still do it.

Kjerste said...

We keep 7 toys out at a time in the playroom to help focus the kids' play and to avoid destructive behavior. In addition to that we have a bin of blocks and a bin of trains on the living room, a bin of little people in the entertainment room, and a toy kitchen in kaiya's closet. Lots of different activity centers, but not an overwhelming amount of toys out at one time. Everything else is stored on shelves in the hall closet. Works really well for us!

Tina said...

I agree with you Kjerste. I have noticed that if KayLynn has too much to play with she becomes discontent and unable to control herself well. When she has a few to play with at a time - that are switched on a regular basis, she does well. This also helps me remember to do one-on-one time with her as she has toys that cannot be played with, without me!

I do realise that kids do get interested in things with more (smaller) part. KayLynn will probably get more and more to go with her kitchen, more bath/pool toys and outside toys as well. But I will probably always keep a similar system now. And, as she gets older, we will probably have her switch out her own toys, keeping them organized and only keeping things in which she is really interested.