Friday, June 18, 2010

Poor Baby

Well, maybe yesterday she awakened and sweetly asked me where her necklace was. That was yesterday. Today she puked on me.

She has been saying that her belly hurt for days. So, It shouldn't have surprised me. This morning at 1am she was sick in her own bed, awakening both Max and me. After new clean everything, she got some cuddles from mommy and daddy and went peacefully (I thought) to sleep. When she awakened this morning at 4:45AM, Max, who had to get ready for work, put her in bed with me. She fell right back asleep as did I. Till 5:15 AM.

It all went down hill from there. After three changes of clothing for both of us, Mimi came over and took the munchkin so Mommy could shower (thank the Lord) and go to work. So, please pray for the munchkin, her belly hurts. Please pray for me to remember to be thankful that I have a job when we need me to. But it is things like this that make me hate it.


Leanne said...

Not fun at all. I spent one day in bed this week and another still not feeling great (with a bad stomach ache), so I think there is a bug of sorts floating around. Hope the rest of you can escape this bug and that KayLynn is better soon.

sarah said...

We have had mini stomach bugs over here as well-hate it when kiddos are sick-especially when they can't understand to throw up in a bucket:(
poor little girl-I hope she is feeling better soon!! and that you and max don't get it!!