Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Time well spent

Hi!! I am back. I had the last 10 days off work, five of which Max had off (Weekends and Wednesday!). I am so blessed to have had so much quality time with KayLynn. The last time I spent that much time with her was when she was 2 weeks old.

The biggest thing from my 'vacation' was potty training. I am happy to say that it went exceptionaly well and that KayLynn is now potty trained. And, except to say that I am very proud of her, I will spare you the details.

Although we did not do anything amazing on vacation, we had lots of fun. I hope to get pictures up of our time soon. Let me remind all of you stay-at-home moms how lucky you are. While there were definitely moments when I just wanted KayLynn to stop needing me, I am so thankful that the Lord gave us those ten days together. However, I think I was more tired at the end of those ten days (although potty training had a lot to do with that!) than I have ever been at the end of a work week.

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Tam said...

Proud to say no accidents today! Yay KayLynn!! Yay KayLynn's Mommy!

PS: Thanks for spelling definitely correctly. So proud.