Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Rose Among Thorns

Last night Max and the men (James-my dad, Jim-his dad, Michael-bro, Mark-my dad and Max) got together for pizza, Schwarzenegger and Yahtzee. KayLynn and I came home a little early and they passed her around as their good luck charm. They even had her blowing on the dice.

23 Months!!

The munchkin is 1 month away from 2 years old. She is 1 million pounds and pretty tall now! She counts to 9, and can say her letters A~G (and 'sing with me") now. She loves to read Dick and Jane - she goes through each page and tells me the story that is going on in the pictures. Her favorite is when Dick spills the milk and the kitty "Puff" has to drink it.
She is very independent in some ways (she likes to brush her own teeth, try to put on her own clothes, help with the chores), but in other ways she is becoming a dependant little cuddle bug. I now often hear, "Mommy cuddle? Mommy carry me?"
She is a girly-girl. She loves pretty dresses, putting on chap stick "makeup", painting nails, and this morning the first thing she said to me when she awakened was, "Mommy? Where's KK's necklace?"
She is a joy to mother!

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