Friday, June 25, 2010


Last night we had a BBQ with shishcabobs...We have never done them before. They were sooo tasty.
We had watermelon for dessert, KayLynn loved having her own little bowl.

KayLynn helped Mommy water the flowers while daddy cooked.

Then Max and KayLynn made icees with daddy's new ice shaver that she got him for Father's Day!

We followed that up with some good old fashioned bubble blowing!

And, finally we got that speed demon ice cream truck to slow down long enough for KayLynn to find out that there is nothing scary about the ice cream truck... (She has been crying everytime she hears that stupid music. And may I ask, do they play Christmas music in your neighborhood?)


Leanne said...

So fun. My boys still think the ice cream truck is just a truck that plays music. which they seem happy with. Wonder what they will say when they learn it not only plays music, but also carries ice cream treats? said...

Haha! CHRISTMAS MUSIC??!! You sooo deserve this. You are being punished for your past pre-Christmas caroling sins.