Thursday, June 24, 2010

Way to go Honey!

Many have asked how Max did competing in Washington's Strongest Apple...
He got second, qualifying him for
Nationals in Reno
I only took video of the competition, so I had to steal the photos ( But here is a little bit to tide you over...
This one is called the Yolk. You put this metal contraption over your shoulders, and they put weights on either side totalling 740lbs. One of the things that makes it difficult is that the weights can swing and make you unbalanced.
He did so well in the Yolk, that the MC (A professional strongman, Corey St Clair) wanted to interview him...Max's advice? "Don't try this at home!"

The Tire flip - it was 850lbs. He flipped it 6 times -- about 40 feet.

the Axle Press is 265lbs that he had to lift over his head as many times as he could, in one minute.

The Farmer's Walk - this one, like the Yolk, is unsteady and is often very hard for contestants to even lift - let alone get it to the finish line. You carry 280 lbs in each hand. That's 560 lbs.

The Barrels... You lift four barrels, 220 lbs, 250lbs

270lbs and 290 lbs... You have to lift them onto a 64'' platform.

Walking away with his plaque!

My Strongman! I am so proud of him.

They were taken by Jim Wallingford, if you want to see more of his work, or the other contestants you can go to
As soon as I get the videos put together, I will share!


Deenie said...

how exciting - when are nationals?

sarah said...

yeah!! Max!!!

Tina said...

Nationals are in November!