Thursday, April 8, 2010


Have you seen the movie, Stranger than Fiction? That is my life - well except for the impending doom or pastries... KayLynn happily narrates my life these days. In fact, she talks non-stop (she must have gotten that from Max).

We get up, "morning! Go bye bye??"
I pick her up from the babysitters, "Park? Go swing? Weeee, weeee."
I let the dog out to do his business, "Beider go potty" he barks to come back in, "Beider, help!"
We are driving, "Where's Daddy?" to which I respond, "Where IS Daddy?" and she answers, "Daddy's at work. Beider's at home."
When driving she always has to tell me if it is raining outside.
We get home "We're home!!"
We get out of the car and the neighbor dog barks, "Puppy borking. Zsa Zsa borking?"
We start making dinner, "Help?" or "Food?" said in a desperate voice as if I never feed her.
I tell her its bed time, "read a book?" and "Mommy sing song".

I will stop here, because you get the point. So, if you maybe don't know what you are doing with your day - have KayLynn over, and she will tell you!!

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Leanne said...

Just think...whenever you start to wonder where you are going or what you are doing, you will have KayLynn to keep you in the know.

It sure is nice when they can communicate with you, even if it seems like they never stop. What a sweet little girl.