Monday, April 5, 2010

He is Risen

For Easter we drove to Pacific Beach (2.5 hour drive) to meet up with my family. Michael and Kristin (and their new dog Cooper) rode with us. We had fun eating food, playing games, listening to the sermon that Tam downloaded from Mars Hill, did 'children's church' for the kids, searched for eggs, did crafts, and talked with family
Playing with Grandpa
KayLynn got really good at putting the little pieces in, but not so good at taking turns or four in a row!
Playing Games
Possibly the cutest little girl in the world...
Playing with Auntie Kristin...
Searching for eggs...
Opening yet another Easter basket - thanks Aunt Mandy!
Look, I found one!
Really, she was smiling seconds before I snapped this shot!
KayLynn took it all in stride. She loved looking for the eggs and kept saying, "More eggs?". She even did a little dance when she realised some had chocolate inside of them. As careful as I tried to be, she still got too much candy (and probably excitement) and is paying for it today - and in the car ride on the way home!!

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