Thursday, April 29, 2010

Family Pictures

Some of you may remember our friend Natasha Reed. She was one of the photographers at my wedding, and has since become a good friend. She has photographed many wedding in our church since, and I recommend her to everyone I know. Not only is she talented, she is fun to work with, and I guarantee that you will love her after just a few minutes. After my wedding Natasha put together a book of photos of brides in weird places called Fearless Brides. I enjoyed being part of the project. She came to my baby shower for KayLynn and to KayLynn's baptism to take pictures. A few weeks ago we went out and took some family photos, and will probably be doing so again at the end of the summer. If you need a photographer for anything, call Natasha. I mean, who wouldn't love to have this on their wall? PS Thanks for the advice - we have a plan of action to be set into motion on Friday.


Leanne said...

Such a great looking family. Fun to see the pictures.

Ali Tong said...

Oh my GOODNESS! You guys look AMAAAAZING! (Tina, by the way, you are looking awesome, in particular.) What a beautiful daughter you've got, too! She's a great mix of the two of you. I hope my kids have those cute little curls like hers! Adorable!

And I am so glad that you like the monkey! I was pretty excited about how it turned out. Oh, and I was going to mention, if you ever have a problem (Like a limb falling off or something) they're super easy to fix, I just sewed it on with yarn and a big needle, but if you want me to fix it or anything just let me know. But hopefully he'll stay intact. But so glad to know that Kaylynn likes it! (So did this little girl in the airport when I was making it. She asked if she could take it home! I sadly had to tell her no, because it was for another cute little girly.