Thursday, April 15, 2010

My baby is slipping away

and in her place is a beautiful little girl.

We all have those moments when it is clear that our children are growing. KayLynn says 'Michael' now. Not 'Minol' - 'Michael'. She says full sentences - not two-word phrases linked together.

Watching her grow is bitter-sweet. I love who she is becoming. I love that she is bright and cheerful. I enjoy watching her interact with people/animals/rocks...

But somehow watching her grow and seeing these milestones pass just reminds me how fast it is all happening. I know that the goal of parenting is to 'work yourself out of a job'. If we have done our job well, our children need/want us less and less.

So, I may hug her a little longer than she would like or stroke her hair even though she dramatically grabs her head and says, 'owee'. I will probably let the dishes go for the evening to play on the floor with her. I will definately sneak into her bedroom to watch her chest rise and fall while she breaths - just to hold on a little bit longer to my baby.


sharika roland said...

I do the same thing watch her sleep and breath and grow up . Yes it is killing me too how fast it is going. She can practically talk. I am glad you are realizing how precious this time is and how brief. It is like the blooms on the trees in spring. so beautiful and so short.

Leanne said...

I feel the same way about each of my boys. Owen, now three weeks, has already changed so much. It makes me sad.

Anonymous said...

Pixie clocks? I've never heard that term. where did you hear it?