Monday, April 12, 2010

Major Photo Dump - Be Prepared!!

Present from Grandma T. KayLynn can do the whole thing by herself now.
Hanging with Uncle Mikey
I peaked in on K during her nap, and this is what I found. She loves it when I put her pak-n-play on its side for her to play in OK maybe I can see why people think they are twins. Using her Lion as shopping cart
Trying to pin down the animals for hugs
"Walking" Cooper (pronounced 'pooper')
Dressing up for the first time...
Look at that hair - and those eyelashes
My little thug baby..hey, she picked it out!


sharika roland said...

The pictures are just darling. I love the one with the pink tights. Thanks for posting and can I get copies of the one with the tights

Tina said...

If you right click you can save it to your computer - Jim should be able to figure it out. You are always welcome to any pictures of her!

Leanne said...

What great pictures! Too many good ones to have a favorite.

Julie said...

She is so darling, Tina. We can't wait to see her (and you, too, of course!) soon. Julie