Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What's up?

For any of you who might be wondering why I have not been updating of late - even though I quit my second job, and have all this spare time ...  Last Thursday I got rear ended on my way home.  It was not horribly serious, although I am stiff and have a sore neck that does not allow me to pick up K without pain.  I am going to a chiropractor and massage therapist, and hope to be up-to-par soon enough.

Thankfully K was not in the car, it was just me!  So there is much, for which, to be thankful.

My van on the other hand...  They are totaling her.  I am supposed to get a quote this week, and am hoping for the best.  We are not sure yet whether we are going to get another car - or rough it again with just one.  The main reason we would rough it, is that if we have a car payment I would not be able to quit as soon to stay home with KayLynn.  So, we have decided that if the compensation is at a certain level we will be car shopping.  However, if it is under that specific number then we will redo our electric and insulation and be that much closer to me staying home!!  Besides when I am a SAHM, we wont really need 2 cars, although it is a luxury, to which, I have become accustomed.

So, hopefully I will be back soon with pics and updates...maybe even a new car!


Erika said...

That's lame.
I hope that the whole situation works out and there aren't too many wrinkles!

LeFebvre Momma said...

Thanks Erika

Andrea said...

Sorry about your accident. I feel bad that was the day I came over! I'm glad you're okay but it's a bummer that you're sore and that your car is totaled. :(