Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Healing begins with repentance

I have been realizing lately that I am very overwhelmed - but not just when a situation calls for it. I am overwhelmed with everything. For example, lately just the thought of having to put KayLynn to bed without Max, overwhelms me. It finally hit a head on Monday and I looked up the symptoms of Anxiety. Yep. That's me, I thought. I had 5 of the 8 emotional symptoms and 8 of the 10 physical symptoms. And, it hit me like a news flash - I am not superwoman, and the Lord (or anyone else for that matter) does not require that of me. In fact the Lord specifically says that we are not enough and we never will be - that's why we have Him.

A lot of my symptoms all started because of the sin of desiring to be and do all. I am repenting of that sin every minute - especially for the pain that it has caused those who love me and have been trying to take care of me. Especially for the pain I have caused my sweet and loving husband, who wanted to take care of me - but I would not let him.

So, in an effort to Repent, I will following what the article says for Self Help for Anxiety. I think that for now, this is how I will start

**Of course, I will be adding to the list: constant prayer and bible reading**

Their questions:
Do you make time each day for relaxation and fun?
KayLynn provides me lots of fun, and we will be scheduling my time off, and I will be calling some of you for some much needed fellowship!
Are you getting the emotional support you need?
I am finally allowing my amazing husband to help, as well as a few others, and with constant prayer...
Are you taking care of your body?
I have started working out with consistently - I joined Max's gym and he is going with me 3 times a week
Are you overloaded with responsibilities?
I have quit my second job or rather given my 'two weeks'
Do you ask for help when you need it?
I am asking

So, please pray for me (and Max) as I implement these in my life, and pray that the Lord will help me cast my burdens upon Him and not try to be superwoman.


Erika said...

Anxiety is hard...because even when you know you're having it, you still feel the pains of it and it's hard to logically get yourself through it.
Prayer is amazing, and I hope that it works well for you and relieves you.

sarah said...

It seems it always comes down to giving it up to God-so simple, but so hard to just do! I hear ya, being a wife and mother has added a dimension to my prayer life that I never knew existed!
Praying for you tonight:)

Deenie said...

what job did you quit>