Thursday, September 16, 2010

Soap Lake part1

Over Labor Day Weekend we joined Max's entire family in Soap Lake. We had a good time taking long walks, playing near (and in) the water and just relaxing.
KayLynn is a good little traveler, she just sings...and sings....and talks....
There's a big truck, there's a water fall, there's a puppy, wheres the big truck? ... were some of the many phrases that we heard over and over during the 6 hour trip (supposed to be 3, but with traffic and getting lost...)
We stopped for dinner at the best pizza place in the world. We are going to make a day trip of it some Saturday (its an hour away) and go to the theatre which we hear has couches instead of seats... Wanna go? It's very kid friendly - they even have a rack with kids books on it.
We were very hungry...recognize that shirt?
My side was chicken pesto artichoke, and Max got his favorite - pepperoni (the only kind of pizza I don't like!)
For dessert - you dip your crust in honey - I was surprisingly good.
It was beautiful. First thing we did the first morning was take a walk - we were used to being up much earlier than everyone else in the house!
We found the 'big water' and threw rocks - KayLynn is trying to pick up a really big one like daddy! Look at that sky - amazing.
Max's family grows everything so we were able to have fresh strawberries! KayLynn loved that!
KayLynn found a buddy while we were there. Quinn played with her the whole time, and KayLynn still asks if we can go see Quinn!
KayLynn also fell in love with Torin. It helped that he thought she was cute!
The water was a beautiful blue
And, of course, it was windy! Look at that hair!
**More pics to come, and I promise I was on this vacation


Haley said...

I love Soap Lake...

Cute pictures. Jackson was looking at the pictures and waved goodbye at the last picture of KayLynn when I started to scroll down!

Leanne said...

I am impressed by how empty the back of your van looks, for heading out on vacation.

Deenie said...

gotta send us the name of the great pizza place