Thursday, September 16, 2010

Taking time to stop and smell the roses

Last night...

I tickled KayLynn. I love her laugh. I asked her where her laugh comes from and she said her mouth. So, I told her to open her mouth and I tickled her - she's right!

We had a fashion show. KayLynn tried on all of the clothes we could find to see what fits her (not much) and what does not. Each time, she had to go show daddy. We foudn a few items to leave in the 'dress up' box and one coat that actually covers her (yeah!). I got a special kick out of the dress that was 2T and did not completely cover her little hinney... Not kidding, this girl is tall. The funny thing is that its not legs, in fact they are pretty short - she is all torso...she probably gets that from Granny Tam.

We did chores and cleaned up her room.

We ate carrots together, and everytime she ate one, I jumped up and down and screamed yeah - causing convulsive laughs that made me think she might choke! Ooops.

And, I did not feel guilty that I wasn't doing something else!

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