Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Impromptu Date - or - 'Sometimes a Light Surprises'

Last night - after I finished my last few hours at my second job (ever!! yeah!!) I had to go pick up a prescription. KayLynn wanted to go with Mommy - probably since I had been ignoring her because I was working (yeah I'm done!). I took a minute to answer because I was realizing that the moments of her wanting to go on a five minute drive with me are probably limited. I can't really see her wanting to jump in the car for five minutes when she is 13 - but maybe! So, we got a coat and a purse and headed out. Right on our front doorstep we took a minute to admire the beautiful sunset that the Lord gave us, and then got in the car - KayLynn asked if she could drive. Don't worry, I drove.
When we arrived, the prescription was not ready - of course! The Lord, in his goodness and perfect knowledge had given KayLynn and I that time. So, instead of being angry we had a date. We went to Albertsons and she got to pick out a hostess treat for us to split. We then went out on the bench (that she is always begging to sit on) and split our treat. KayLynn said, "Mommy, we eating special treat in the wind". She chatted about how funny daddy was, and how silly she is. She told me in her little broken sentences what she did with Granny, "Present for Baby Cousin. Baby Cousin is in Aunt Mandy's Belly. Name is Jack. We get a monkey present"
We packed up and got my prescription - which still wasn't ready so we sat in the car for 15 minutes playing the opposites game. (KayLynn asks a question and I answer it incorrectly and she has to correct me - she thinks this is hilarious!) We finally got my prescription and headed home - KayLynn drove the last block!

We had such a sweet time, and I was so restored by my little date with the Munchkin. Thank you Lord for such stolen times.

**As a side note, I did spell check and I spelled prescription wrong ever single time I wrote - but different way each time!!! Yep, I am that talented.


jbhinman said...

I love these little date times. They are so precious!!

Erika said...

That is so sweet. How easy it would have been to grumble and sit waiting and waiting...Hurray for no second job!! That's super exciting.