Monday, August 2, 2010

What we've been up to...

Went shopping with the baby - KayLynn's baby!
Ate some really good ravioli
Played with new toys
Tried on the new suit
Made smores
And smore
And smore
And went Camping

But only till 10:00PM because, not only could we not get her to settle down because she was so excited to be campling, but K got a little scared when the cat was walking around outside the tent. The good thing is that this was just a practice round in the backyard - so we just went inside to bed!!

Anyone want to join us for backyard camping and smores??


jbhinman said...

that swimsuit is way too cute!!!

sarah said...

love it! we are going camping monday and I am really nervous about how the boys will do-no chance of driving home in the night since it will be over the mountains:)

Deenie said...

sounds like it was a fun time

Deenie said...

sounds like it was a fun time