Friday, August 27, 2010

More Fun Projects

KayLynn and I have been busy working on a 2 part project. The first part just involves paint and re-arranging. The second part will actually involve some small purchases. As soon as we finish the first part - I will post some pictures.

We have also been finger painting - making matching hand prints - painting butterflies - stringing up our projects, and making jewelry out of roses... Stay tuned for some pictures coming this weekend(from my new camera).

Also, thanks to Max's aunt, we have been doing a little bit of directed learning each evening. This week we are working on the letter A, the shape square and the animal cow and its baby calf... Be sure to ask her what the A says, next time you see her!

On another note...
Although not a dangerous situation - a few weeks ago in nursery, I asked a little girl what her name was, and she responded with, "I'm four years old". Every time... It didn't matter how many times I asked her, or how - she could not tell me.

So, I have been teaching K important info in case she ever gets lost. I have seen too many cases where children cannot say there full name, parents names or phone numbers. We have been working on last names of people we know (She has been calling me 'Mommy LeFebvre'), as well as learning mommy's phone number. After that, we will work on Max's phone number and our address. Hopefully we will never have to put her knowledge to the test, but if we do, she will be ready!


Erika said...

Wow, that's a good idea! Scary to think though. Maybe you could also tatoo your name and # on her arm :) Haha...okay a little too much.

sharika roland said...

that is a great idea. How many 5 year olds can say all that. We used to wear id bracelets when I was a kid. that might be good too.

Tina said...

ooohhh, I like the tattoo idea...hmmm???

Deenie said...

we wore the id bracelets too