Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What do you Think?

This what do you think is really a challenge for you. There are people out there who wonder what a Stay at Home Mom does all day long. I, for one, am not one of them. However, I find that many SAHMs wish that they did more, or had more to show - than children who are cleaned, fed, watered and healthy - at the end of the day. I don't think women give themselves enough credit. I often receive comments that because I work (outside the home) they think its harder for me. I beg to differ. We all have 24 hours to fill each day, and they get filled with something. We have hard days, long days, easy days, short days... So, my challenge to you is to do a Day in the Life of YOU. Chronicle one day in your life as detailed as possible. Keep a notebook handy and write it down. If you want an example check out Day in the Life, she amazes me. I had forgotten the newborn stage. So, do it. Take pictures, write notes, or just type it up and share with us.

Are you up to the challenge??? I will do it as one of my posts in the next few days.


jbhinman said...

I'll wait until the flu is over to do this because the 20 dirty diapers and the changing of the sheets and 1.5 hours of sleep is quite unusual

Erika said...

This is such a good reminder, sometimes I feel like on my days at home I've done absolutely nothing, because I didn't solve problems or fix issues like I do at work, but I do wrestle on the floor, water my huge yard, weed, it just doesn't always show.
I'll have to take you up on this. <3